Bachelorette history repeating itself

So I know the most important thing about today is the election of Obama, but I am dying over what I just read on OMG Yahoo! Deanna has officially DUMPED Jesse! Not that I am saying I am disappointed. I mean, in all honesty, I never liked Jesse anyway. Actually, I didn't even really like Deanna. And I mean, who the heck ever believed they would last? Can I pause for a second to explain to you how I became introduced to OMG Yahoo....
My husband and I were talking the other night and here is our conversation:

Hubby: Do you know how much LC makes per episode? (and yes, he is talking about LC, as in Lauren Conrad of the Hills...how very metrosexual of him to refer to her as "LC")
Wife: (weird look-almost a look as if "why are you talking to me about "LC" and "The Hills") No, babe. H o w m u c h?
Hubby: She makes $75,000 per episode.
Wife: Really? Wait, how and why on earth do you know that statistic? And even more so, why are you talking about it? (Last time I checked he wasn't a big fan of The Hills...nor is any guy I know?)
Hubby: I read it on OMG Yahoo! Don't you read that sweetie?
Wife: (SUPER WEIRD LOOK) no response.

Ok, first of all, I thought saying or reading something labeled"OMG" was only allowed by women. Do any of you know any men reading "OMG" Yahoo. Or anything labeled "OMG" for that matter? Unlikely. Second of all I didn't realize my husband even knew what "OMG" stood for. Isn't it more of a girly acronym?

ANYWAY, now that I am done fully admitting that my husband is more up to date on hollywood GOSSIP than I am, let's get back to the story...Deanna and Jesse. Is anyone truly surprised that they didn't last? Come on. I was definetly NOT SHOCKED. I love Deanna's statement too, "I slowly came to realize that we are two totally different people and it wasn't going to work out."

No joke? I could have saved her alot of heartache by revealing this to her months ago. Along with all the other Bachelorette viewers!

I know ABC is prepping it's next season of The Bachelor, but really, shouldn't I know better by now then to keep watching these couples who end up, in the end, not together. Is that really a love story? Who knows. But, I am sure I will somehow become glued to the tv when the new season starts. Darn I'm a sucker! At least Trista and Ryan are on baby #2. That leaves me some hope.

fyi: I have to admit, OMG Yahoo is a great source of hollywood gossip. Once again, hubby knows best.


NINA said...

I thought she was a WHACK from the getgo! She sucks... reconfirms my original thought that Brad Womack isn't as bad as he was made out to be!!!! I'm going to piggyback this post! Stay tuned! J & the OMG Yahoo is by far the funniest part!!! xoxo

AmyDean said...

I read the OMG Yahoo article yesterday and wasn't the least bit surprised...I would be surprised however if anyone thought they would work out.
I'll be another one of the suckers that watches the new bach too.

HouseofRose said...

If any couple could fall in love in such a short time while being paid for it ... this is not reality tv it is sucker tv!

Abbi said...

i love celeb. gossip and i've never visited that site!! thanks for the info!!!! i'm excited!!! by the way I LOVE THE HILLS!!

Monogramchick said...

i have to agree, i am not surprised. and i think that is hysterical that your hubs referred lauren conrad as LC and that he reads and introducted you to OMG Yahoo. AND i am glad *you* introduced it to me! :)

Shorty said...

Just found your blog thru Nina...and I love the post! What a great story! Looking forward to more...