College Basketball is taking over...

This year we have officially bought season tickets to SIU basketball! We have always been HUGE fans of our alma mater...ofcourse I was forced to be a fan by dedicating 4 whole years as a Saluki Shaker (SIU dance team) and 2 more years as a graduate assistant in SIU athletics...so needless to say...I have been part of SIUathletics for some time now. I actually didn't miss a FB or BB game for 6 years straight! Yes, I know...dedicated right?!

Anyway, tonight kicks off the first SIU BB game and we are super excited! I am contemplating how the heck I am going to keep my son occupied for 2 hours constrained in a chair...but...that will be "to be determined". I'll report back later on that! Speaking of keeping him contained...they need to make chairs with straps at the BB games. That way you can strap your child down, kind of like in a high chair. Ingenious! Unfortunately, I'll probably be spending the majority of the game chasing him behind the bleachers up top instead of sitting in our cushy padded seats! ERR! Wait, am I being super negative today? First the tylenol and now the game dilema. SORRY! I am still feeling the effects of my headache. I am hoping tomorrow my posts are more positive! :)

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