Football Saturday

It's the Carterville LIONS vs Duquoin INDIANS today at 1:00 pm in round 2 of the playoffs! P is already decked out in his orange & blue and is ready to go!

He really enjoys football...well...any ball that he can throw for that matter. But look at him, doesn't he look a future NFL quaterback? :) According to Mike Scanzano (one of our famous Miner league baseball players in the area) he is destine to be a pro with a name like "Parker Wilson Rose". I must agree!


Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

That is definitely a pro athlete name!! And he's super cute too, that's gotta help! :)

NINA said...

He will mos def be a quarterback!! Heading out soon to bachelorette party - wish you were to go too ;-)