Haircuts and suckers!

Last week P got his fourth haircut! Daddy was due too so it was a father/son day at the hair salon! He usually does so good sitting still and this time was no different. Miss Layne (our hair stylist) decided he deserved a sucker! Unfortunately, while mommy, daddy, and Miss L were gossiping away...P found the sucker bowl and not only opened one sucker...but he had five suckers! Not only that, but Miss L brings her puppy to work everyday and I caught P sharing his sucker with the dog! SOOO thoughtful of him. :)

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Shorty said...

Too cute! I'm glad your son enjoys haircuts. My son was like that, too. But, boy have I heard horror stories of kids that can't tolerate getting a trim. Fortunately we're not in that boat!

Katy said...

Loving those haircut pics. Darling

Mom Wilson said...

How can u not luv that little face but please, let his hair grow! G'ma GiGi wants to know how thick it will get! Such a good boy. Luv him!