Interesting insight...

Like my BF Nina, I saw Mrs. Mojito's post about searching your google analytics account for keywords people are using to find your site. I, too, could not help but laugh when I saw what some people were typing in. There were plenty of "not so funny" ones, but a few that I had to share:

babysitting virtual baby addie - how hard is it to babysit a "virtual" baby? If these people truly want to learn how to babysit...I will loan them P.

mandy+rose+blog - I must say...=love!

in-n-out apron - I knew in-n-out was popular, but do people really buy their aprons? I thought I was the only one in the US that owned one.

nmbelina - the greatest card designer/event planner you will find! Also known as...my real life BF and the creator of all my fabulous holiday cards.

alot-of-woman-in-one-place - let me guess...a single guy typed this in?

and finally....

video nibbles & licks dorothy - No idea! Sounds like it could be the name of some dirty flick? YIKES!


NINA said...

OHHH Yours are funny too!

Jen said...

Okay...I need to get going on this google analytics thing. I just don't know how to do it!