My Favorite Jeans

Since it is now fall and winter is approaching, I have been really trying to build up my "warm & cozy" wardrobe. It seems like every year I have a favorite pair of jeans that I wear OVER & OVER & OVER again! Can anyone relate? There are like 35 pair of jeans in my closet, yet I STILL choose to wear only a few of my favorites. So much for variety right?!

This year, I must say, my favorite pair are my Hudson Jeans-Triangle Pocket Bootcut Stretch! I heart them! I got mine at Nordstrom. Thank God we don't live near a Nordstrom or I might have 50 pair! Hubby might question that at $175 a pop. :) But, seriously, if you are looking for a comfy fit with a fabulous style I highly recommend this pair of Hudson's!


Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Oh I soo want a new pair of jeans, stop tempting me!! and yes, I wear the same one or two pairs out of my closet too!

Cogski said...

ditto. always wear the same pairs...although none of mine fit so that could be the culprit :-) if you ever find urself near a nordstrom rack they have tons of hudson jeans and WAY cheaper than at the regular nordy's. hope the babysitter went well!

Nicole said...

LOVE those jeans! I may have to go try on a pair next time I'm in good ole' Nordstroms!