P is 15 months

P's dr appointment was pretty routine. Nothing too abnormal to report. He got a flu shot, which, ofcourse, was not fun! He weighs 22.5lbs, which is a pound less than he weighed at 12 months, and he is 31.5 inches long!

The dr informed us for the thirty fifth time...that he has a small pee pee (pee pee sounds better than penis when you are talking about a babies privates, although both are probably inappropriate). This "small pee pee" drama should probably be saved for it's own post, but I can't help to mention it. The poor little guy was not born well endowed. J and I have been worried that there is something wrong with "it" because it is smaller than normal...but, NOPE Dr. L says he just has a small one. I probably shouldn't even mention this on my blog. Heaven for bid if he ever got old enough to read it and saw this post. He would kill me! Plus, its a pretty sensitive subject for the hubby. He is ready to put him on hormone treatment! Men take this stuff very seriously apparently. I am not too worried, Dr. L thinks it will grow in proportion to his body with time and ofcourse the hormone treatment comment was an exageration! When babies are little you can never tell! But, who knows, maybe my kid will be the "cute kid with the small pee pee".

Sorry if I confused some of you by not defining what "WIC" is. To be honest, I am not really sure what it stands for. All I know is it is some type of welfare program. I am not trying to knock people on welfare, but EVERY SINGLE time I go to the dr they ask me if I'm on WIC. I don't get it. EVERY SINGLE time I tell them no. And again, today was no different, the nurse asked me if I was on WIC! I wanted to be like "NO I AM NOT ON WIC...WRITE IT IN THE CHART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I like to think that I don't look like I'm on welfare! For the love of GOD!

I thought I would post this video of P and his peek-a-boo game so you could see the fun stuff he is doing now! Everyday is something new and I love witnessing it!



NINA said...

Well that is just about the cutest thing I've seen.... well since I saw you guys yesterday ;-)

NINA said...

p.s. you must teach me how to get the video on blogger!! pls!

Mojito Maven said...

ok i know this post was not meant to be sweet but it totally was!!! have you seen you and your husband? your son is going to be so handsome when he gets older!! he's got great genes!!! AND, don't worry about "it" (although I was totally cracking up reading about the hormone treatments)...it will all work out!! AND love the video!!

Jen said...

This post was so cute to me because I am SO not use to talking about pee pees, having a little girl and all :-) And I am sure he will grow into "it". And if not, I know Addie won't care...P will still be the love of her life. It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion in the ocean. Hahaha!

Nicole said...

I loved this post! I was laughing hysterically at the hormone treatment comment!! I'm sure everything will work out fine. He is so adorable!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Cute post...your little boy is just precious! Oh, and I left you something on my blog!