P's idea of feeding himself

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Lately I have been trying to teach P how to eat with a spoon. He seems to be interested...for about 2.3 seconds...and then he finds it way more funny to watch the spoon hit the floor! As you can see from the pics above (click to view larger) he did "try" to use the spoon...he even tried using it upside down (whatever works), but it didn't last long before he was frustrated and done with the whole spoon deal.
I have been having trouble getting him to eat a "good" dinner. Or any dinner for that matter. Everytime I try to spoon feed him, he wants nothing to do with it. He only will eat, if he is in control. It seems like finger foods are all he'll take at this point. My trusty ole spaghetti for dinner idea has been thrown out the door because, if he can't pick it up with his hands, he doesn't want it. AND it is SOOO hard for me to let him do it alone because I can not stand letting him get messy. However, the other night I decided to let my hair down and let him eat his dinner A L O N E...without mommy's help. I can't say that it was easy watching him get EXTREMELY messy, but I can say that he ate every last bite of his dinner! Goal accomplished! Now, I just need him to learn to eat the dinner with the silverware instead of his hands. Any ideas? And any good baby dinner ideas? HELP a mama out!

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