Starting our holiday decorating!

We have officially started to decorate for Christmas! J spent most of Sunday evening getting down our decorations from the attic. I opened the garage door to find him...half in the attic and half out. Him climbing the latter completely stresses me out. I always ask him if he needs my help and ofcourse he says no, like any normal man. But, when I peaked out the door, just to be sure he was ok, here is what I heard....
Hubby: "UHH!!" "ERR!" "UHH!!"
Me: "Honey, are you okay?"
Hubby: hesitation...."uh, yea, I'm good." (which is aka for, "no, I'm about to fall, but I'm a man and I have to act macho."
Ofcourse, this calls for me to bust out the camera real quick and start snapping away. Then I hear...
Hubby: (he can't see me, but he can hear the clicks of my camera) "I'm glad your gonna BLOG this!"
OOPS! Caught in action! My sneakiness wasn't exactly so sneaky. But, come on, if he was gonna fall, I wanted to catch in action! haha!
He ended up carrying the tree down the latter on his head. His very "inventive" way of getting a 50lb box down a latter, but it worked....and luckily, no one got hurt!

FYI: I have been informed we are not having an attic in our new house.

Once I realized I wasn't going to have to call 9-1-1, I started unloading Christmas boxes and hanging our stockings!! Don't are stockings look cute?

I have the adventures of putting the tree up in a post to follow. Does it take a Master's degree to get a set of lights to work?


Jen said...

Yes...it does take a Masters Degree to hang lights. Well...not to actually hang them...but to figure out that buying a prelit tree is SO worth it :-) Oh, and Eric and I put up our decorations last weekend because I couldn't wait. But he asked me to hold off posting about them until this week so people didn't think we were crazy for setting them up so early :-)

Katy said...

Glad you've started. I hope to start this week or at least next.

Random comment: Love the picture of you guys on your mantle...can't see all of it, but nonetheless...neat!

Cogski said...

i love the mantle as well!!! super cute! can't wait to see the tree! what is UP w/ ur friend, BB? did she retire from blogging???

Ginette said...

LOL...sounds like my Hubs! Men...;o) You've got me wanting to bust out the decorations now!

Mom Wilson said...

Can't wait to see what P will do with the tree and the gifts when u actually get some?! Hard to believe you're ahead of the game this year. Can't wait for Parker to help GiGi and Papa decorate! Fun, fun, fun!!!!