This spoon thing is starting to work


It didn't take long...before P got the spoon thing down pat! He has officially moved from "baby" to "toddler". He hardly needs my help for anything anymore, except for poopy diapers..and how fun is that. ERRR!


Nicole said...

Aww little P is growing up! He looks so cute feeding himself!

Cogski said...

so cute, good pic and love his side part :-) very toddler-ish of him to be sportin' his new "do"

Yaya said...

Love this picture... looks like he does have it down.. now you are going to need to get some extra powerful spot remover, because he is going to have it all over him..
Also, can I say "the babysitter" has "thing" for your son.. she actually parted with her OWN money and picked him up a little something that she knew he would love.. I can't believe it..