A Turkey and some cheesecake

Today J got a box in the mail. A pretty big box actually. When I saw it sitting on the kitchen counter I got excited, thinking it may be my "surprise" anniversary gift. I took a closer look....and was slightly disappointed to find that it was..........a turkey?

Yes, a frozen turkey in a box? One of J's wholesaler's from work sent him a turkey. I guess it was a nice gesture, even though I would have much preferred a grill utensil set or a wine opener set (typical wholesaler gifts)...but I guess I shouldn't complain. Is it sanitary to send a turkey through the mail? And we're not talking about just any turkey, this turkey is so big, it's taking up the ENTIRE bottom shelf in our fridge and I'm pretty sure if we don't start eating it tonight...the shelf may not hold up. The thing weighs more than P. Wait, I'm sorry, I'm being ungrateful. We love the turkey. Thank you Jackson National! :)

On a brighter note, J spoke at one of his client's investment clubs tonight...and guess what he was sent home with? A turtle cheesecake! The entire cake! I will definitely not complain about that! Now I just have to figure out where I am going to fit a 20lb turkey AND an entire cheesecake in my "not so huge" fridge. If something has to go...I can promise you it won't be the cheesecake. Unless, ofcourse I decide to fix this problem by eating the entire million calorie desert before I head to bed.

I'll let you know in the AM. Thanks Dorothy, turtle cheesecake is my favorite!


Katy said...

You're making me hungry. I love turtle cheesecake.
I think I'll have tamales for breakfast. Weird, odd...yes, but I'm hungry and they're in the fridge ready and yelling for me to warm them right up. I think I'll even have a real coke.

Have a great day

Mom Wilson said...

How could u not tell r Mother about that cheesecake? That's my favorite. You'd better save some for G'ma GiGi!!!! No room in frig.? I'll take it! Ha, ha!

AmyThompson said...

mmm sounds delish!