Happy 2009!

I am officially ringing in 2009 on my couch with my brand new laptop...blogging! No, folks, I am not normally this boring of a person. In fact, J and I attended a wedding/reception tonight. J has been sick for about 3 days now and this morning he was sure that he was feeling better. When we ran home after the reception to change into our "movie star" attire (for our costume party we were going to attend), he started getting his bad headache again and feeling like crap. We had both transformed ourselves into David and Victoria Beckham and were ready to walk out the door when he suddenly "thought he was dying". What is it with men and thinking they are dying when they are sick? Anyway, needless to say, my NYE date didn't even stay awake long enough for my midnight kiss. :( It's really not like him at all to pass up a party, so I know he must have been feeling pretty bad.
It was fun to pretend I was Victoria Beckham for...a second. Too bad we didn't get to walk down the red carpet!

Here are my NYE dates in action...or...not in action. It's 10 till midnight and they are both passed out.

A big thanks to Auntie Nina for spending her NYE with the P Man!


Jon & Kate Plus 8...

Does anyone else out there watch? I am officially FULLY obsessed with the Gosselin's! I love how real and candid their show is. It truly amazes me that two parents could care for 6 babies at once, not to mention the two toddlers they already had. I get overwhelmed with my 1 baby! Now times that by 8...and someone would have to put me in a mental institution. For real! Kate is amazing and I love how "in control" she is. So she tends to be a little over-reactive sometimes, hey, can you blame her? At the end of everyday she has to feel like she has just ran the Chicago Marathon. Can you imagine feeling like that day in and day out? PHEW!! She for sure gets mommy of the year award in my book! Speaking of books, you have got to read their biography:

They even have a new book coming out titled "Eight Little Faces". You can preorder it through Amazon:


I have a new blog coach...

...and most of you know him as "J"...or "hubby". Yep, that's correct, my - oh so fabulous husband- has started showing me how to work this blog thing. I really hate to admit that my undergrad degree was in MIS (management information systems) because most people mistake that to mean that I am a computer genius. Ha! Far from it. And actually, everything I learned in C++ has exited my brain LONG ago!

Now, I am not terrible with computers. Obviously I have a more than just a basic knowledge of HTML. For the love...I would hope so. I spent four years in college learning about it. But, coding and computer science is changing constantly. It's a good thing J has took up an interest in keeping up with the latest and greatest...because lord knows I haven't!

I spend my free time changing poopy diapers, folding laundry, and watching cartoons at 3am with my sleepless child! Fitting the basic blog skills in to my schedule is about as far as I go. Any spare time I have after that...requires me to be cleaning or sleeping. And while I am, oh so generously, cleaning the house...hubby is usually blogging...networking with other bloggers...or...uh yea...blogging some more.

Funny thing is, when he started to become interested in this blogging idea...HE HAD NO KNOWLEDGE OF COMPUTERS!! I am now embarrassed to admit that he knows more than me about blogging. Although, I am proud to admit that it has all been self taught. He really does have such an entrepreneural mindset!

So the point of my post is to tell you that he has started generated a small income from his blogs. He has really studied up on it and learned from some successful bloggers that are making in the upwards of $50,000 to $100,000 a year JUST FROM BLOGGING! The most important thing is...he has having so much fun with it. Now, don't be mistaken, we haven't made much yet...I'm talking under $100 so far, but I have no doubt that (with his knowledge and determination) he will be making way more than $100/month in the near future.

I was really against putting any ads on my blog at first. But, then I realized, I spend SOOO much time on this blog...if I could make, even just $100 a year, from my blog...WHY NOT?

NOW READERS...LISTEN UP...don't worry, my blog is not going to change! The main focus of my blog is still to update readers on the happenings in the Rose household. I have let him add some different things to my blog that will generate some revenue (hey, gotta get ready for baby Rose #2 when that time comes)...but what I promise you readers...when I have it all figured out...I WILL TEACH YOU. Any one interested in getting paid to blog? DUH!!! We all blog anyway...why not get paid for it! Even if it's just enough to buy a new Coach purse...that's fine with me.

I am interested to hear your thoughts so please feel free to comment...good or bad!


Baking 911!

Thank goodness my parents only live a few blocks over! The other day I was halfway in to baking my signature chocolate chip cookies when I went to pour the one teaspoon of vanilla extract....and realized I only had enough left for a quarter of a teaspoon!!!!! AHHHH! What did I do?
1. I panicked! CRAP, I am in the middle of baking these cookies! (It's rare I ever have spare time to bake and the one time I do...I'm out of an important ingredient!)
2. Realized that P was asleep, so leaving the house was not an option. Ofcourse, unless I plan to wake him from his nap and drag him to the store, which would be dumb, because then I wouldn't be able to finish baking when I got home. Instead I'd be playing hide and seek or watching Spongebob.
3. Know my neighbors well enough to know that, most likely, they don't have vanilla extract. Or even if they did, I could see from the window, no one was home.
4. Called my ma for a baking emergency 911!
The outcome...
My FABULOUS ma, who I knew had vanilla extract, oh so generously jumped in her SUV and headed over with just enough vanilla to save the day! Thank you ma! I know I can always count on you for ANYTHING! What do you do in a baking emergency? I'm curious to know.

Getting with the program...

I tend to be really slow at this tagging thing. I get super excited to see that I was tagged or given a blogger award, but then it takes me FOREVER to respond. Hey, the important thing is...I am finally responding! haha! Sorry, if there was anyone out there who has tagged me and it got lost in blogosphere. I have great intentions...and then life happens...and I realize poopy diapers take precedence over blogging. How unfortunate!
Recently, I was tagged by Amy from Let's Talk Thompsonisms.
Here are the rules:
1) Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer
2) Select the 4th picture in the folder
3) Explain the picture
4) Tag 4 people to do the same

I can't lie...this is actually not the fourth picture. It WAS the fourth folder, but it was the fifth picture. OOPS! Fourth picture was basically the same, but P was not smiling. This one was so much cuter than the fourth. This is when P was just learning to crawl. Daddy is trying to show him how it goes. Thanks Amy for the tag! I wanted to tag a few of my blog friends that have blog titles that I can totally relate to. I am tagging.......

Life in Our Three Ring Circus - because seriously, sometimes I feel like my house is a circus! Anyone with a toddler...knows what I mean. For those of you with more than one toddler...your house is much more than a circus and I have yet to experience that. Props to you!
Confessions of a Control Freak - Ha! Control freak? Who, me? Ok, maybe a little. Sometimes I feel like I have to be in the driver's seat. Sorry!
Mrs. Chief - Again, this goes along with the control freak theory. And every tribe needs a Chief right?
Chapters - Life is a series of chapters and I am getting ready to start a chapter in my life that I have been dreaming about since I was little...building our dream house!


Happy Birthday Miss K

Today is our very loving, cuddly, crazy and wild, sometimes annoying, mostly innocent, 2nd child...MISS K'S BIRTHDAY! She is four years old today! This dog has brought so much joy to our lives, not to mention that her and P are the best of friends. As a puppy, Klaya was my saving grace when daddy was in Iraq. I got her the day daddy arrived overseas and she was all I had. My BF...my cuddle buddy...my pillow...my listener...my crying shoulder...my love! Everyone said that when the real baby came, P, we wouldn't look at K the same. I am happy to say that is sooo not true. Now there is just one more heart to love her! It's hard to believe she is already turning 4! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS K! Mommy, daddy, and P LOVE YOU LOTS! We even love you when you are insisting on sitting directly on our laps. You are such a cuddler...a heavy cuddlier!

Christmas Unwrapped

Christmas was a lot of fun this year! P was ridiculously spoiled by his Gigi and Papa. I thought he would be more in to opening the presents than he was...but that's what I get for being a first time mom. Seventeen month olds...do not care about unwrapping presents. They just want the toy...and they want it now! The wrapping paper is just seen as a barrier to the TOY they are so deseparately trying to reach.

He got so frustrated with the wrapping paper and it didn't help that both Gigi and I, bought the heaviest wrapping paper out there. OOPS!! Lesson learned! Gosh, you experienced momma's should have warned me to use thin paper and as little tape as possible. Wait, you should have just told be not to bother with the wrapping!

We tried to get a group shot, but as you can see, pulling him away from his new toys that he was trying to play with, did not turn out to be a happy shot. In fact, he was doing "mean face" at the camera for awhile so daddy and I decided we would just match him...and do "mean face" too. We seemed to pull off the "mean face" well...but he was past the "mean face" point...and on to crying.

After all these gifts he got...what did he seem to play with the most? The bike he got for his birthday. Yea, so much for Christmas presents. I should have just re-wrapped the bike and called it a day.I will admit he LOVED the Bee Bop Band that we bought him. Actually, he hasn't stopped playing with it since he opened it. Unfortunately, it's a drum set. And it's a loud drum set. I should have known better. Not only that, but he thinks everything is a set of drums now. He takes the drum sticks and beats the coffee table, the kitchen floor, the window, the washer, the DOGS...just about anything he can find to hit...he does.

However, I do think this drum set is one of the best I've seen for his age. Plus, you can store all the other musical intstruments that it comes with inside the drum! Here's where to buy...

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! It's hard to believe it's almost 2009! I am excited to enter 2009 with so many new blogging BF's!


I heart Christmas!

With Christmas Eve being T minus...a few minutes...I still had a few last gifts to wrap! I finished up with no time to spare. I'm usually SOOOO NOT last minute, but apparently, when you become a mommy, that all changes. I'm wondering why I went to all the trouble of wrapping...P could have cared less! I should have known.

Daddy made his famous chilli for Christmas Eve and Papa and Gigi came over. After dinner we had a visit from some of our adopted family, the SPREHE'S. Otherwise known as, Kiki, Frosty, and Auntie N! They came by to Christmas carol (which was so funny) and bring P a gift. We had such a great time with them and we are sooo glad that we have started a new tradition of spending Christmas Eve together! As you can see, P was super excited when he saw they brought gifts.

He usually can't get enough of Frosty...and they were having a blast dancing away to the tap dancing snowman....

and putting tissue paper on their heads!

Now we are headed to Gigi and Papa's for our family tradition of Prime Rib! I can't wait to post about our big Christmas Day with the P man!! I hope you all are enjoying Christmas as much as we are. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


It's Christmas Eve....

... and the Rose's will be spending time with Papa, Gigi, Kiks, Frosty, and Auntie N! I can't wait to watch P open all his gifts (and he has a lot) tomorrow morning!! Lots of pictures coming!! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my loyal blog readers!! I love you all and I am so glad we have found eachother.

* card by Nina at nmbelina designs! Thanks Auntie!


Remembering the real reason...

Fyi: My husband gets lots of reader questions on his financial blog. Recently, he got a question regarding Christmas and spending. I really enjoyed the article written on his blog by guest poster, Joe Plemon titled: "No Money? Celebrate Christmas by Serving Others."

Sometimes we tend to forget what Christmas is really about. It's not about the gifts, or the food, or the get togethers, or Santa Claus (although those are all nice perks)...it's about the birth of Jesus. What can you do this Christmas to serve others? You should think about it....


Wait...Am I my mom?

I know I know...the older we get the more we catch ourselves acting like our own mothers. I have especially noticed it now that I have my own child. I will find myself saying and doing things that are a spitting image of my mother. It's scary.

So now that my hubby has me hooked on Twitter, we were just sitting here chatting as I was updating my twitter and I said to him "I'm updating my tweeter." I actually caught myself saying tweeter instead of twitter. Funny thing is....my mom is FAMOUS for doing this. No, not saying tweeter instead of twitter, but when she says a word she loves to switch a few vowels around and ends up saying the wrong word. It drives me nuts! Especially, when we are in the car and she is talking about the "media"....what she really means is MEDIAN! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...every time I correct her and every time she calls it the media. I'm like, "Ma, the media is the news people, you know CNN, FOX, NBC....NOT THE MIDDLE OF AN INTERSTATE!!!!!" I can not tell you how many different words she does this too, but it's ALOT! And tonight I am offcially freaking out because I am doing it too!!! HOLY MOLY HELP ME!
I guess I am lucky that my ma has so many other wonderful qualities...and I am hoping those rub off on me sooner than later. I have got to nip this "switching words" thing in the butt!!! ASAP! Love ya ma!
p.s. for those of you who are twitter (NOT tweeter) fools like me, follow me here!!

My future John Deere ride...

I think it's pretty clear, from all my posts, that Gigi and Papa SPOIL the P Man rotten!! Papa is a retired Director of Manufacturing and Gigi is a retired (well maybe not retired yet) Domestic Goddess = as she calls herself. They are kind enough to keep the P while J and I work (could we be any luckier?). They love to spoil spoil spoil! Everytime Papa runs to Sams or Walmart (which if you know my dad, is just about every other day) he usually returns with something for P. I think at one point in the summer...Papa had bought him 3 life jackets! THREE!!! Not one, not two, but THREE! Get my point?

So Papa's latest and greatest idea?....You got it...a mechanical John Deere Pull Tractor. He hasn't officially made the purchase yet, and actually, he claims he is going to wait until P's birthday (July). However, he has been talking about this tractor for the last few days nonstop...and if any of you know Papa...he won't be able to wait 7 more months to buy it! Hey dad, I'll bet money on it. Deal? I guarantee the second he takes P to see it...it will be in their cart and magically in the back of the truck. Who's with me?

Side note: As I was typing this blog post I was explaining to P that I was writing a story about Papa. He insisted on sitting on my lap and typing Papa his own message. Here is what he came up with:

z ,h,n jhuj8u/'.ui. ?nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

If I had to translate...I am betting it says something like "Papa, let's go buy it NOW! And can I get the mechanical Corvette while we're at it?"


Santa? RUN!

P has set his eyes on the big man in the red suit quite a few times. Like most kids his age, he doesn't seem to like him too much. There is no smiling. No laughing. No clapping. And definitely No hugging. All P had to offer to Santa...his "mean face" (if you don't remember "mean face"...click here). Seriously. All I did was ask him to wave to Santa...NOPE...out came "mean face", squitchy nose and all. Maybe next year...


Peter Potty

I know I keep talking potty training, but really, I think P is going to be a quick learner. He is only 16 months and already knows when he is going in his diaper. He will even point to his "booty" during deed #2.

For Christmas, my Aunt Sandi sent him his very first potty. It's not just a normal potty...it's peter potty...a standing urinal for toddlers!!! Can it get any better? I can't wait for him to start learning how to use it. It's the cutest potty on the planet. Side note: Is it normal I am getting this excited about a potty? Ok, anyway, I don't think I am going to get away without buying a sit down potty too (for the #2), but I think it will be neat for him to learn to stand like daddy!

I am now on a mommy hunt for the sit down potty. I have to start him early on this!! I think he could be trained by 2...standing and all!

What do you think about this one? From what I hear, I need one with a high splash guard, since boys tend to not hold "it" down as much as they should. I like this one, but would love any input or advice you all have to give me! I am a virgin when it comes to potty buying.



The Mother-in-Law has headed home. J, P, and I have the house back to ourselves. I have to say it was very nice to have her here for 2 full weeks. She cooked, cleaned, grocery shopped, hemmed a few pairs of my pants, was a live in nanny...and now it's all back to reality. Those job duties have been turned back over to me. DARN!

I'm not going to lie though, it's nice to have some peace and quiet in the house. Two weeks is a long time to have anyone in your home...even your bf...so J and I were ready to get back to normal.

Except, I think I could have eaten her fried rice just ONE MORE TIME before she left. I watched her make it and took notes...but I can guarantee I won't do it as good. Poor J, he called from work today and told me that he ate a late lunch because he figured now that his ma is gone, there is no one here to cook dinner. :( I guess I better start stepping it up.

Mom #1 and Mom #2...up to no good!

I have been dying to blog about this story for a few days now, but haven't had the chance. So finally...I have a few minutes to tell you just exactly what my two mother's have been up to lately. As you know, J's ma is here from Las Vegas (she actually just left last night, but has been here for 2 weeks). Her and my ma get along very well! (Sorry the pic is blurry, it's all I got and I had to give a visual of these two trouble makers...ignore the million toys all over the floor.)

Last Wednesday night my husband and I had a Christmas party to attend. My two mom's decided they were gonna have a little party of their own with some of my mom #1's (my real moms) girlfriends. Papa was nice enough to watch the P while we attended our party and the moms attended their "party".

So...mom #1 and mom #2 and the "girls" (as we'll call them) all decided to do dinner and margarita's at a local mexican restaurant, Don Sol. It wasn't two seconds after Mom #2 (J's ma) took a bite of her seafood that she ran to the bathroom and started throwing up. She actually did this 3 more times in the course of the next 30 minutes. Ofcourse, she was convinced that she ate something that made her sick. Seems logical. She wasn't sick before she showed up.

So mom #2 decided to ask the manager a few questions about their seafood...one question being "Is the seafood fresh?" The manager said yes and then she proceeds to ask if she can see it. Yes, she asked if she could go in the kitchen and see the fresh seafood???? Clever, huh, but that may be phillipino style because I don't know of any manager that would allow you to go inspect the food in the kitchen....and this one was no exception. After the numerous trips to the bathroom to get sick, mom #1 asked the manager to take half of the dinner of her bill. Keep in mind, any normal manager would have already comp'd the entire table and been apologizing like crazy. Not so much with this manager. He actually responded in a very snoody voice and said "no, why would I take the dinner off your bill? How do I know you weren't sick before you got here?"

Apparently, from what I've been told, this is where the night got ugly. And I must agree, as much as I don't like drama, I am siding with the mom's on this one. What manager would say that? Especially after a customer just puked 3 times in your bathroom! Long story short, he refused to refund her for the meal and was laughing at her when she was running to the bathroom to puke. Mom #1 tried to get his picture (since he was reluctant to give his name), but had no luck. He held his hand towel up in front of her camera. I can only imagine my 2 four foot eleven mothers trying to take snapshots of the manager as he is holding a towel over his face. God, I am sooo glad I was not in attendance.

Anyway, the manager told them they were barred from ever coming back to the restaurant!!! Can you believe the nerve of this guy?


Such a hoax!

One of our good friends, Jason York, is a professional photographer. Him and J have been BF's since grade school. Anyway, since we are such great friends we have the pleasure of having him take our pictures quite often. Mostly of P ofcourse. However, he also takes pics for J's business so J and his business partners can use them for marketing, blog, etc.

He puts the pictures on a stock photography website where different companies can purchase the photo for use in their advertisements. Kind of like when you buy a picture frame at Walmart and it comes with a photograph in it. That photo comes from stock photography. Anyway, recently J has been popping up all over the place and for all we know...he could be on a billboard in China! haha! His picture has been bought quite a few times from this website (my hubby is pretty good looking if you haven't noticed).

We have even seen him pop up in Entrepreneur magazine in some advertisement. However, the most recent pop up of his photo came to my email inbox yesterday. I got an email from a "Micheal Vincent" titled "I found you a new job"...and just to clarify...NO, I am not looking for a new job. But, when I scrolled down further...what do I find...a picture of my husband sitting in his office!!!!!!! Right above the picture it says, "Hi there, my name is Micheal Vincent and yes that's a picture of me below:"

HELLO??????????? No it's not! That's my husband!!! Holy crap! I can't believe these companies that are totally LYING! You must click on the link to see what I mean!


My husband's name is NOT Micheal Vincent, NOR does he work for Underground Cash Secret!!!! What is wrong with these people? So deceiving!!



Saturday night was the BIG work Christmas party! We started the night at Fusion, a local cocktail bar, where J and I met a few SIH friends. The party started at 6 pm so we didn't get too many pre-drinks in before it was time to head to the big event. In fact, I started with a caramel latte and had intended on not drinking. I am usually always the DD. However, instead of having a full dinner this year at the party, it was just hourdervs and open bar. Hmmm...I don't know about you...but having a open bar party with no dinner = lots of drunk people. And somehow, between Fusion and arriving at the party, I decided I would lighten up (as my mom would say) and have a few cocktails. Which I did. :)
Good news is....J had a few MORE cocktails than me. So many, in fact, that he was a dancing machine on the dance floor! If any of you have ever witnessed my husband breaking it down, you know that he takes his dancing very serious. He goes all out! It's pretty much a FULL comedy show! God I love him!
We sat at a big table with all of my HR friends and I must say, HR...KNOWS HOW TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!! Or maybe the fact that no one had eaten dinner and was drinking cranberry/vodka's like they were water...was why we were all so much fun! Either way, the HR table was the place to be...beer pyramids and all! I am blessed to work with such fun people! We tried to get a group girls shot, but our photographer (aka my husband), is not the best at getting a good picture. And at this point in the night, the beer wasn't helping his photography skills. Here's the best he could do.
As you can see, by the end of the night, my husband had clearly had more drinks than me. I tried to get him to just smile...but there is something about a man plus beer that makes him incapable of taking a normal smile shot. We made a quick stop to Don Taco on the way home since we hadn't eaten dinner (J's "go to" place after he's had a few drinks). Home before midnight and in bed by 1am. I think that may hold the record for the longest I have stayed out since P came along! See...I do still know how to have fun!



Today is my BF, Nina's, BIRTHDAY!!! Nina and I have been friends since Jr. High and she is so much more to me than just a best friend. I honestly do not know what I would do without her in my life. Not only is she my true life BF...she is...a sister, a good listener, someone I can talk to about anything, someone I go to for advice or when I need to cry, someone who I laugh with, the type of friend who backs me no matter what, an "auntie" to my son, the reason I started my blog, my BBM pal, the person I consult on most all fashion dilema's, someone who would loan me her gucci shoes if they would fit me, someone who shares my love for latte's and regular coke, the reason I send out so many adorable holiday cards, the type of friend that will drop whatever she's doing to make a quick Target run with me, someone who has taught me everything I know about party planning and hosting, someone who would be at my house in a split second if I needed an emergency babysitter, the type of friend you would let in the delivery room when you give birth...I could keep going...because honestly...she is what I call my "everything" friend. Nin, I hope you know how thankful I am to have you as my BF! I love you to pieces and I am so excited to celebrate your birthday with you! XOXOX


This is MY Christmas present!

Apparently I am going to have to be more sly when I hide P's Christmas gifts. I had put it away in my room and, no more than 5 minutes later, he had found it and was dragging it around the house. I tried to take it away...but NO SUCH LUCK! I decided just to let him drag it around...because...trust me....it wasn't worth fighting!

We have had a BUSY BUSY weekend so far. Lots to report! I hope to have time tomorrow to catch up!


Give me your "MEAN" face

Not only is my lil guy rotten...he knows how to give the "mean" face...ALREADY! I have no idea where he picked this up from, but all the sudden he started giving us these really mean looks. It is SOOO funny! And, ofcourse, now it's a game. When mommy says "give me your mean face"...this is what you'll get....(he has two versions)...

Don't worry, I'm working on "happy" face on command. It will be more pleasant.

Side note: I am sorry if I have been lacking on my comments to all my blog bf's. With company in the house, a crazy schedule at work, and my husband starting his THIRD blog (more on that later) I have hardly had a chance to be on the computer at night. I get most of all my blogging done from my blackberry google reader while I am laying in bed. I will be back to normal soon! I promise!


If you really want something...just ask Grandma!

I think it's easy to generalize...ALL grandma's like to spoil their grandkids. Hence, why mommy's sometimes turn out to be the "bad guy".
Well, having TWO grandma's in our house makes it DOUBLE-Y bad!! Here's what I found when I came in the kitchen the other night. Gigi, Gma Lilly (Ye-ye), P and chocolate PUDDING!
SOOO in trouble! haha!


The "go to" outfit and hubby = extra sweet

Real quick, I had to tell you that J actually offered to start my car for me this morning to warm it up before I left for work! I park in the garage, but it still can be REALLY cold at 7:30am! How could I decline!

On a totally unrelated topic, the mother-in-law officially has a "go to" outfit for the P. The first day we left him with her while we were at work I forgot to set out an outfit for him. NO biggie, she found one that worked fine (probably not my choice, but o-well). Then, 2 days later, J and I had left him with her to attend a SIU basketball game. When we left him, he was in a very cute addidas outfit. But, when we arrived home, we found him in the same outfit she had him in 2 days prior! Apparently, he had a major "BLOWOUT" and she had to change his clothes. I guess she liked the outfit she picked out the first time so much she decided to dress him in it again. It's officially her "go to" outfit. I am praying when I come home from work today, he will NOT be in the same gray sweatpants and maroon onesie that he has wore twice now since she has been here. The kid has more clothes than me so it's not like she didn't have any other choices. I guess she just liked that outfit. Pretty funny.

One last thing, I have eaten fried rice 4 times since she has been here! I love that we have an asian chef on-hand. So convenient.

The Christmas presents have begun...

Auntie came over Sat. night to hang and chat. Ofcourse, she didn't come empty handed...she rarely ever does. Kiki sent her with an early Christmas gift for the P-man. He was so excited to open it. Christmas this year is going to be so much fun now that he's in to the unwrapping.
He got the cutest little nativity scene! His first one! Look how proud he is holding it.


The mother-in-law...has arrived!

J's mom flew in Tuesday from Las Vegas! She is here for 2 full weeks. Do you know what that means for House of Rose? That means we have a full time babysitter and a full time cook for fourteen straight days. Hallelujah, mommy gets a break!

I would like to say that she brought an ENTIRE suitcase full of asian food. No joke. Do you see my counter? It looks like an Asian grocery store exploded in my kitchen. My mother-in-law (who we'll refer to as L- for Lilly) is phillipino. And I must say she makes the best fried rice and egg rolls I have ever had!


P and the box

I was going through old pics...and look at my cute lil guy! He actually was little enough to fit in a box! Now he's big enough to pick that box up and throw it at me (true story)! I actually tried to stand him in it for fun, and literally, he picked it up and threw it. I officially have a toddler.


Husband = Glued to TV

In all seriousness, I couldn't figure out why J was in the living room glued to the tv. Usually he is on the computer, in the kitchen doing something, playing with P, or hassling me to "get busy" with him. The house was so quiet and all I could hear was music and announcers yelling "Go". When I walked in, what do I find, my hubby laying on the couch, watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Guess who was watching just as intensly...you are correct....the P man! I guess I can't blame them, the second I glanced at the tv, I was glued too! These ladies are amazing!

J apparently thought he was going to get his own personal fashion show after it was over, but he was sadly mistaken. "Sorry honey, not tonight" was my quick response. I mean, really, did he think I was gonna bust out some lingerie and give him my runway walk after he just watched 50 supermodels on tv?! Come on! I would possibly think about giving him a fashion show if we had just finished watching the Biggest Loser...but not directly after watching the hottest ladies in the universe walk around half naked. Not gonna happen.

Mommy invades the crib!

Mommy thought it would be fun to see "nap time" from P's perspective. I'm lucky I didn't break the mattress. P thought it was pretty cool that mommy was in his sleepy time place. In fact, now everytime he goes to sleep...he thinks mommy should get in too. I must admit, it was pretty cozy.


P is on Santa's "good" list

J & I are HUGE shoppers; however, we usually don't battle the BLACK FRIDAY crowds. I say "usually"...because this year we made an exception...and went to see what it was all about. I can't say we got much shopping accomplished. We purchased a few Christmas presents and called it a day. P got a new pair of kicks. Puma kicks that is. He looks like such a lil man in them.

Then Saturday, on our way home, we stopped at the outlet mall and took him to the Nike store. He found a ball that he fell in love with. He liked it sooo much, he snatched it up, ran to the back of the store, found a bench, climbed up, and sat and held on to that ball for dear life. We were NOT leaving the store without that ball in tow. I, ofcourse, HAD to get it for him since he loved it so much (even though the checkout line was 30 deep). I told myself that the shoes and the ball would be Christmas presents. It's a good excuse, but really not a likely plan. He looked so cute in the shoes that I had to go ahead and let him wear them. And the ball....he was having so much fun with it I couldn't take it away from him. Plus, he's 16 months...don't you think I can let him play with it up until Christmas, then wrap it and he'll never know the difference? That's my logic. Right or wrong...I'm not sure. I am pretty sure that P thinks it's Christmas everyday! I must admit, he's a good lil guy and deserves some new toys every now and then!

Here's his new PUMA'S!!


WHY do Monday's always get me?

Ok, so I know I haven't really talked about my job much because I try and keep my blog stress-free...but it's time I let it out!!! Today...was "one of those days!"

First, let me start by saying that even though I am about to complain...I have one of the BEST jobs on the planet. I have to remind myself of that on days like today. Especially in an economy where people are getting laid off and losing their jobs by the millions.

I'm a Registered Investment Advisor and I work at a Healthcare Corporation that owns 15 different facilities. I work in Human Resources and I help administer the 401K plan. Basically, I am the Retirement Coordinator for about 3,000 employees. It might sound boring to most of you, especially since I threw in the word "retirement", but to me...it's a lot of fun....usually. (Not so much in a market like this.)

As of November 1st, our Healthcare Company decided to change their 401K provider. What does that mean? That means....MAJOR headache and A LOT of work for me! haha! The best part, they decided to go with a company that is quite familiar in my family....AGE/Wachovia. Side note: My husband worked for A.G.Edwards for 6 years. A.G.Edwards was bought by Wachovia over a year ago, which means AGE and Wachovia are now one company. Well, when that happened J decided it was time to break free and start his own investment company (along with 3 others from the firm). Decemeber 2007 J resigned from AGE/Wachovia. November 2008 I began getting my paycheck from J's previous employer...Wachovia. Even though I work on-site at the Healthcare Corporate office, I technically am employed by the investment advisor (Wachovia) and have an office there. It's a twisted circle huh?

It's not like J left on bad terms. But, in the profession that he is in...once you resign...you become the competitor. Plus, he was loved by many of the people there and I think a lot of them took it personal when he left. It was definitely NOT anything against the people at AGE/Wachovia. He loved everyone there, but he just knew that there were bigger things waiting for him! I am so proud of him for taking the leap of faith and going out on his own. It, by far, has been the BEST decision he has ever made.

But, I'm not gonna lie, it has been the most awkward situation for me to now be working with all of J's ex co-worker's. Slightly odd. So far, everyone has been extremely professional and nice. They have welcomed me with open arms. Plus, like I said, I mostly work with the Healthcare Corporation (which is where my heart is).

The only thing is, Wachovia has all different processes than I am use to. My whole job has changed...from the funds that we offer, to the administrative side, to the people I work with,....and the list goes on. I am just readjusting to the newness and it has me a little stressed out. Did I say little?

This is when I have to remind myself that I am lucky to have a good job, with great pay and benefits, and most importantly, wonderful people to work with. But, darn, it felt good to complain for a second!


Thanksgiving recap!

Sorry if I have been slightly M.I.A. We have been out of town and without a computer for the last few days!

For Thanksgiving we headed up to my Grandma & Grandpa's. It's about 5 hours north (6 with a toddler). It was nice to visit with both sides of my family and get to eat TWO Thanksgiving dinners! Thursday we celebrated with my mom's side and Friday night we celebrated with my dad's side. P wasn't too thrilled by the turkey and mashed potatoes. He didn't eat much! Except when I found my ma sneaking him M&M's! Grandma's...I tell ya!

We stayed at B's and Pops house (otherwise known as Grandma & Grandpa Wilson's). We always stay at their house when we are in town and honestly...it feels like home to me. Here's a pic of me and B's! She might be the coolest woman I know! She just turned 79 and can still get down on the floor and play with P. AMAZING! She works out 3 days a week for 55 minutes each session. Ok...if I felt lazy before...I REALLY feel lazy now. How can it be that a 79 year old is getting more exercise than me. I'm PATHETIC!

We arrived on Wednesday night, and if any of you caught my blog on Wednesday, it was J and I's 4th anniversary. We left P with the fam and headed to dinner. It wasn't a super romantic evening since we had been in the car all day and went to dinner in our sweats. :) O-well, we don't know anyone in that town. Our real celebration was Saturday night when we came back home. I won't give details...not blog material. Let's just say....he loved my gift. haha!

Overall, we had a GREAT Thanksgiving (& anniversary) and we have SOOO many things to be thankful for. Thank you Lord for blessing our family!