Baking 911!

Thank goodness my parents only live a few blocks over! The other day I was halfway in to baking my signature chocolate chip cookies when I went to pour the one teaspoon of vanilla extract....and realized I only had enough left for a quarter of a teaspoon!!!!! AHHHH! What did I do?
1. I panicked! CRAP, I am in the middle of baking these cookies! (It's rare I ever have spare time to bake and the one time I do...I'm out of an important ingredient!)
2. Realized that P was asleep, so leaving the house was not an option. Ofcourse, unless I plan to wake him from his nap and drag him to the store, which would be dumb, because then I wouldn't be able to finish baking when I got home. Instead I'd be playing hide and seek or watching Spongebob.
3. Know my neighbors well enough to know that, most likely, they don't have vanilla extract. Or even if they did, I could see from the window, no one was home.
4. Called my ma for a baking emergency 911!
The outcome...
My FABULOUS ma, who I knew had vanilla extract, oh so generously jumped in her SUV and headed over with just enough vanilla to save the day! Thank you ma! I know I can always count on you for ANYTHING! What do you do in a baking emergency? I'm curious to know.


AmyT said...

awll that was so sweet of her!! I would have panicked!

G'ma Gigi said...

So glad to be of help in a so called another emergency! Thank goodness I'm not such a busy G'ma that I can just drop whatever I'm doing and buzz over! Couldn't imagine being further away from my little P! He luvs those cookies along with J and Papa! By the way, where r ours at?????