The "go to" outfit and hubby = extra sweet

Real quick, I had to tell you that J actually offered to start my car for me this morning to warm it up before I left for work! I park in the garage, but it still can be REALLY cold at 7:30am! How could I decline!

On a totally unrelated topic, the mother-in-law officially has a "go to" outfit for the P. The first day we left him with her while we were at work I forgot to set out an outfit for him. NO biggie, she found one that worked fine (probably not my choice, but o-well). Then, 2 days later, J and I had left him with her to attend a SIU basketball game. When we left him, he was in a very cute addidas outfit. But, when we arrived home, we found him in the same outfit she had him in 2 days prior! Apparently, he had a major "BLOWOUT" and she had to change his clothes. I guess she liked the outfit she picked out the first time so much she decided to dress him in it again. It's officially her "go to" outfit. I am praying when I come home from work today, he will NOT be in the same gray sweatpants and maroon onesie that he has wore twice now since she has been here. The kid has more clothes than me so it's not like she didn't have any other choices. I guess she just liked that outfit. Pretty funny.

One last thing, I have eaten fried rice 4 times since she has been here! I love that we have an asian chef on-hand. So convenient.


AmyT said...

ha ha that is funny - maybe it's just easy for her? lol mmmm fried rice - that sounds sooo delish right now - i'm starvin marvin! lol

Katy said...

Go to outfits are funny, but not as funny as the grannies involved. My mom always seems to have go to's for my kids and it isn't usually the cutest outfits. They seem to go for the simple cotton outfits, right.