Happy 2009!

I am officially ringing in 2009 on my couch with my brand new laptop...blogging! No, folks, I am not normally this boring of a person. In fact, J and I attended a wedding/reception tonight. J has been sick for about 3 days now and this morning he was sure that he was feeling better. When we ran home after the reception to change into our "movie star" attire (for our costume party we were going to attend), he started getting his bad headache again and feeling like crap. We had both transformed ourselves into David and Victoria Beckham and were ready to walk out the door when he suddenly "thought he was dying". What is it with men and thinking they are dying when they are sick? Anyway, needless to say, my NYE date didn't even stay awake long enough for my midnight kiss. :( It's really not like him at all to pass up a party, so I know he must have been feeling pretty bad.
It was fun to pretend I was Victoria Beckham for...a second. Too bad we didn't get to walk down the red carpet!

Here are my NYE dates in action...or...not in action. It's 10 till midnight and they are both passed out.

A big thanks to Auntie Nina for spending her NYE with the P Man!


Jen said...

Don't feel bad sweetie! Eric passed out at 11:00 and I played on the computer watching the countdown on TV. We should have called each other! Happy New Year!

Erica said...

awww. same with us! i guess new years change a bit with kiddos! vaughn fell asleep too before it was midnight and i went to bed shortly after. i feel old! hope jeff feels better.

Sarah said...

Maybe the cutest picture ever :)

NINA said...

P and Kiks did some rockin' out early in the night (check out my picasa album for lots of pics http://picasaweb.google.com/nbucciarelli/NYE2008?feat=directlink)! We had a great time. I loved spending NYE with P... I mean in my book it's either that or driving strangers around the city of Chicago! I think spending it with P is clearly the safer of the two!!!

You and J looked awesome... it's hard to tell you guys and the beckham duo apart ;-) Super hot!

Shorty said...

Great photo! Sorry your fellas missed midnight with you. Happy New Year!

Kristy said...

cute pic! Happy New Year!

Hollie said...

great outfits!

hope he feels better soon.

happy new year!

AmyT said...

I LOVE your outfits...too cute!!!

Katy said...

You two are lookin quite HOT!!

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