I have a new blog coach...

...and most of you know him as "J"...or "hubby". Yep, that's correct, my - oh so fabulous husband- has started showing me how to work this blog thing. I really hate to admit that my undergrad degree was in MIS (management information systems) because most people mistake that to mean that I am a computer genius. Ha! Far from it. And actually, everything I learned in C++ has exited my brain LONG ago!

Now, I am not terrible with computers. Obviously I have a more than just a basic knowledge of HTML. For the love...I would hope so. I spent four years in college learning about it. But, coding and computer science is changing constantly. It's a good thing J has took up an interest in keeping up with the latest and greatest...because lord knows I haven't!

I spend my free time changing poopy diapers, folding laundry, and watching cartoons at 3am with my sleepless child! Fitting the basic blog skills in to my schedule is about as far as I go. Any spare time I have after that...requires me to be cleaning or sleeping. And while I am, oh so generously, cleaning the house...hubby is usually blogging...networking with other bloggers...or...uh yea...blogging some more.

Funny thing is, when he started to become interested in this blogging idea...HE HAD NO KNOWLEDGE OF COMPUTERS!! I am now embarrassed to admit that he knows more than me about blogging. Although, I am proud to admit that it has all been self taught. He really does have such an entrepreneural mindset!

So the point of my post is to tell you that he has started generated a small income from his blogs. He has really studied up on it and learned from some successful bloggers that are making in the upwards of $50,000 to $100,000 a year JUST FROM BLOGGING! The most important thing is...he has having so much fun with it. Now, don't be mistaken, we haven't made much yet...I'm talking under $100 so far, but I have no doubt that (with his knowledge and determination) he will be making way more than $100/month in the near future.

I was really against putting any ads on my blog at first. But, then I realized, I spend SOOO much time on this blog...if I could make, even just $100 a year, from my blog...WHY NOT?

NOW READERS...LISTEN UP...don't worry, my blog is not going to change! The main focus of my blog is still to update readers on the happenings in the Rose household. I have let him add some different things to my blog that will generate some revenue (hey, gotta get ready for baby Rose #2 when that time comes)...but what I promise you readers...when I have it all figured out...I WILL TEACH YOU. Any one interested in getting paid to blog? DUH!!! We all blog anyway...why not get paid for it! Even if it's just enough to buy a new Coach purse...that's fine with me.

I am interested to hear your thoughts so please feel free to comment...good or bad!


The Parrish Family said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm pretty new to blogging. I also appreciate your comment. Most of my readers are family and friends that don't have blogs, so I don't have many blogger friends. I also enjoy reading about your family and I would love to get together sometime to catch up and meet your little P.

NINA said...

We are on this train together!!! So glad I live down the street... blog-club is officially started! haha!

AmyT said...

it's a very interesting idea since you're on here anyway..right?

Jen said...

I'm in! Teach away sister! I am all about a new Coach purse :-)