I heart Christmas!

With Christmas Eve being T minus...a few minutes...I still had a few last gifts to wrap! I finished up with no time to spare. I'm usually SOOOO NOT last minute, but apparently, when you become a mommy, that all changes. I'm wondering why I went to all the trouble of wrapping...P could have cared less! I should have known.

Daddy made his famous chilli for Christmas Eve and Papa and Gigi came over. After dinner we had a visit from some of our adopted family, the SPREHE'S. Otherwise known as, Kiki, Frosty, and Auntie N! They came by to Christmas carol (which was so funny) and bring P a gift. We had such a great time with them and we are sooo glad that we have started a new tradition of spending Christmas Eve together! As you can see, P was super excited when he saw they brought gifts.

He usually can't get enough of Frosty...and they were having a blast dancing away to the tap dancing snowman....

and putting tissue paper on their heads!

Now we are headed to Gigi and Papa's for our family tradition of Prime Rib! I can't wait to post about our big Christmas Day with the P man!! I hope you all are enjoying Christmas as much as we are. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


NINA said...

I heart Christmas too!! And, mos def love our new tradition. The pictures turned out cute ;-) I'm finally getting in the shower... especially since you are coming by 703 tonight!! Yayaya! xoxo, Auntie N

Hollie said...

awesome pics!
I totally understand the wrapping thing, Kate destroyed most of my beautiful wrapping but had a ball doing it!

Katy said...

I love that Nina's family came over to sing and have some fun times w/ Parker! Sounds like you guys have fun together.