Mr. Clean Mr. Clean!

I knew I had a big night ahead of me...a romantic date with the mop (for the second night in a row)! To ease the pain of knowing my fate for the next 5 hours...I decided to go get a spray tan first!

Uh huh...just call me "Mrs. Clean"....a Mrs. Clean that looks like she just got done laying on the beach on some tropical island for the last week. Something about cleaning is depressing to me so it was very important for me to at least look good while I'm doing it. And nothing makes me feel better than a good spray tan.

J's assignment tonight was to "unclutter" the garage. With a little, ok...A LOT, of help from my dad, (THANKS DAD) the two of them manage to make the garage look pretty darn good. He will stay on my good list tonight...or at least for now.

P really thought he was helping. I had to call gigi to come play with him because I couldn't even move without him attached to my side. It's cute, yes....but not productive. Thank goodness gigi is so kind and she sped right over...less than 5 minutes and gigi to the rescue. Almost faster than superman!
Nina was kind enough to bring me McDonalds, with a BIG fountain coke! Ugh, I was dying for it!! Thank you Nin!! Her and J are blog talking right now. She is getting some wordpress tips from the hubster...since he is now the self taught expert. Wait, I can hear them talking...now hubby has talked her into a photoshop 101 lesson. Phew...the two of them may be up for awhile. After this post I'm headed to bed!

Stay tuned kids....I will be hosting my FIRST GIVEAWAY very soon!!!!! No hints yet. You'll just have to wait and see!


Nicole said...

Ahh so funny that you should talk about getting a spray tan because I have a big work gala on Saturday and I look like a real ghost in my black gown. I was just debating with my bf about going and getting a spray tan. I'm so nervous I will look 5 colors darker and blotchy. Any tips or suggestions?

Jen said...

Gotta love gigi. I don't know what i would do without my mom's help either. Maybe go insane? Cleaning is quite a task with a baby attached to your leg. P looks like such a big boy in this picture!!! I hope and can see him (an you and J) sometime very soon :)

Sarah said...

I LOVE McDonald's fountain coke!!! So Yummy!

Sarah said...

I LOVE McDonald's fountain coke!!! So Yummy!

Lis said...

Good luck with the cleaning!

And yay for spray tanning!! I need one.. BAD!! :)

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I love that you went and got a spray tan before cleaning!! Nothing better than looking good while mopping!

AmyT said...

mmmm something about a fountain coke hits the spot!!!! How is the spray on tan ? I've thought about doing this...I love the tanning bed, but don't have the time! Does it turn out nicely??