Peter Potty

I know I keep talking potty training, but really, I think P is going to be a quick learner. He is only 16 months and already knows when he is going in his diaper. He will even point to his "booty" during deed #2.

For Christmas, my Aunt Sandi sent him his very first potty. It's not just a normal potty...it's peter potty...a standing urinal for toddlers!!! Can it get any better? I can't wait for him to start learning how to use it. It's the cutest potty on the planet. Side note: Is it normal I am getting this excited about a potty? Ok, anyway, I don't think I am going to get away without buying a sit down potty too (for the #2), but I think it will be neat for him to learn to stand like daddy!

I am now on a mommy hunt for the sit down potty. I have to start him early on this!! I think he could be trained by 2...standing and all!

What do you think about this one? From what I hear, I need one with a high splash guard, since boys tend to not hold "it" down as much as they should. I like this one, but would love any input or advice you all have to give me! I am a virgin when it comes to potty buying.


Shorty said...

I have never seen one of those! I don't think they were around 8 years ago when my son was potty training. What a great option! I think the two you have shown look like good choices. All the best as you tackle this phase! It sounds like you will have an easier time of it than some, so I am very excited for you!

AmyT said...

that is the neatest thing ever! I have not ever seen those! Yes it's normal to get excited!! hee hee. Another thing you can buy is a seat that actually goes onto your "pot"...they also have pottys that convert into a step stool and the seat comes off and fits onto the grown up potty. Those come in handy!

Katy said...

The standing potty is hilarious!! I mean Fuuuunnnny!
We used the Fisher Price "throne" potty and it made noises when they sat on it....they didn't like the noises, it scared them. We ended up getting another plain potty and they liked it better.
As far as trying to train my 15 mo. to go....I just don't think he's ready. I'm thinking complete nightmare actually. Kudos to you trying though...way to go!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

That is hilarious!! I've never seen a urinal for little boys. I know nothing about these yet, but I think you're right about the high splash guard.

Dad said...

I think you may want to consider anchoring the urinal to the wall. It looks like something "P" would love to tip over and "PEE" may end up on the floor!

Aimee said...

Yes Yes Yes to the Peter Potty (can't believe I didn't think of it) It trained our little boy, who was my first.. because it has an adjustable height he will be three in Feb. he can still use it! You won't regret having it al all!