Saturday night was the BIG work Christmas party! We started the night at Fusion, a local cocktail bar, where J and I met a few SIH friends. The party started at 6 pm so we didn't get too many pre-drinks in before it was time to head to the big event. In fact, I started with a caramel latte and had intended on not drinking. I am usually always the DD. However, instead of having a full dinner this year at the party, it was just hourdervs and open bar. Hmmm...I don't know about you...but having a open bar party with no dinner = lots of drunk people. And somehow, between Fusion and arriving at the party, I decided I would lighten up (as my mom would say) and have a few cocktails. Which I did. :)
Good news is....J had a few MORE cocktails than me. So many, in fact, that he was a dancing machine on the dance floor! If any of you have ever witnessed my husband breaking it down, you know that he takes his dancing very serious. He goes all out! It's pretty much a FULL comedy show! God I love him!
We sat at a big table with all of my HR friends and I must say, HR...KNOWS HOW TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!! Or maybe the fact that no one had eaten dinner and was drinking cranberry/vodka's like they were water...was why we were all so much fun! Either way, the HR table was the place to be...beer pyramids and all! I am blessed to work with such fun people! We tried to get a group girls shot, but our photographer (aka my husband), is not the best at getting a good picture. And at this point in the night, the beer wasn't helping his photography skills. Here's the best he could do.
As you can see, by the end of the night, my husband had clearly had more drinks than me. I tried to get him to just smile...but there is something about a man plus beer that makes him incapable of taking a normal smile shot. We made a quick stop to Don Taco on the way home since we hadn't eaten dinner (J's "go to" place after he's had a few drinks). Home before midnight and in bed by 1am. I think that may hold the record for the longest I have stayed out since P came along! See...I do still know how to have fun!


NINA said...

i LOVE these pictures.... so funny!

Sarah said...

Sounds (and looks) like a fun time!!

Jen said...

YOu guys look so cute. I remember Jeff's bustin a move at my wedding. I have some great pics of that too :-)

Mojito Maven said...

Jeff's face is hilarious in these pics!!! Glad you both had a great time!!!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

How funny! Those pics are hilarious!! Looks like you all had a blast.