Such a hoax!

One of our good friends, Jason York, is a professional photographer. Him and J have been BF's since grade school. Anyway, since we are such great friends we have the pleasure of having him take our pictures quite often. Mostly of P ofcourse. However, he also takes pics for J's business so J and his business partners can use them for marketing, blog, etc.

He puts the pictures on a stock photography website where different companies can purchase the photo for use in their advertisements. Kind of like when you buy a picture frame at Walmart and it comes with a photograph in it. That photo comes from stock photography. Anyway, recently J has been popping up all over the place and for all we know...he could be on a billboard in China! haha! His picture has been bought quite a few times from this website (my hubby is pretty good looking if you haven't noticed).

We have even seen him pop up in Entrepreneur magazine in some advertisement. However, the most recent pop up of his photo came to my email inbox yesterday. I got an email from a "Micheal Vincent" titled "I found you a new job"...and just to clarify...NO, I am not looking for a new job. But, when I scrolled down further...what do I find...a picture of my husband sitting in his office!!!!!!! Right above the picture it says, "Hi there, my name is Micheal Vincent and yes that's a picture of me below:"

HELLO??????????? No it's not! That's my husband!!! Holy crap! I can't believe these companies that are totally LYING! You must click on the link to see what I mean!


My husband's name is NOT Micheal Vincent, NOR does he work for Underground Cash Secret!!!! What is wrong with these people? So deceiving!!


Kelly said...

that is so darn funny. I have had students who have shown up on ethnic magazine covers and even IEA/NEA posters. I got an email similar once with this kids dad in it. I guess this is how that stuff happens.

AmyT said...

it's funny...but so scary at the same time!!!!!!

Katy said...

I'm dyin here....what in the world and how do they get away with this? Maybe you guys should take his pics. off of the site. Scary and creeeeepy!! Weirdness.
Thanks for sharing the interesting story.

Jen said...

That is so sad! I think it is even funnier to hear the guy's voice because I know what Jeff sounds like and it sounds nothing like this tool. hahaha! This is just to funny!