Thanksgiving recap!

Sorry if I have been slightly M.I.A. We have been out of town and without a computer for the last few days!

For Thanksgiving we headed up to my Grandma & Grandpa's. It's about 5 hours north (6 with a toddler). It was nice to visit with both sides of my family and get to eat TWO Thanksgiving dinners! Thursday we celebrated with my mom's side and Friday night we celebrated with my dad's side. P wasn't too thrilled by the turkey and mashed potatoes. He didn't eat much! Except when I found my ma sneaking him M&M's! Grandma's...I tell ya!

We stayed at B's and Pops house (otherwise known as Grandma & Grandpa Wilson's). We always stay at their house when we are in town and honestly...it feels like home to me. Here's a pic of me and B's! She might be the coolest woman I know! She just turned 79 and can still get down on the floor and play with P. AMAZING! She works out 3 days a week for 55 minutes each session. Ok...if I felt lazy before...I REALLY feel lazy now. How can it be that a 79 year old is getting more exercise than me. I'm PATHETIC!

We arrived on Wednesday night, and if any of you caught my blog on Wednesday, it was J and I's 4th anniversary. We left P with the fam and headed to dinner. It wasn't a super romantic evening since we had been in the car all day and went to dinner in our sweats. :) O-well, we don't know anyone in that town. Our real celebration was Saturday night when we came back home. I won't give details...not blog material. Let's just say....he loved my gift. haha!

Overall, we had a GREAT Thanksgiving (& anniversary) and we have SOOO many things to be thankful for. Thank you Lord for blessing our family!


Nicole said...

haha love it!! Glad to hear that you and J had a nice evening out alone and an even better after party!! by the way his post to you was the cutest thing - he sounds like such a sweetheart.

AmyThompson said...

Sounds like you had a nice time!! Car trips with small one's are SO hard!!!!

A Belle and her Beau said...

I am glad ya'll had a nice Thanksgiving. I just watched the video your husband posted - he might be the sweetest guy ever!

Mom Wilson said...

That's what G'mas are for u know, to spoil! Don't worry I didn't give him the MM's until after dinner! He added such delight to our holiday at Thanksgiving! Thanks for such a wonderful blessing----family and P!

The Parrish Family said...

Just wanted to let you know that I read your blog some times and you have such a beautiful family. I'm glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving!