Wait...Am I my mom?

I know I know...the older we get the more we catch ourselves acting like our own mothers. I have especially noticed it now that I have my own child. I will find myself saying and doing things that are a spitting image of my mother. It's scary.

So now that my hubby has me hooked on Twitter, we were just sitting here chatting as I was updating my twitter and I said to him "I'm updating my tweeter." I actually caught myself saying tweeter instead of twitter. Funny thing is....my mom is FAMOUS for doing this. No, not saying tweeter instead of twitter, but when she says a word she loves to switch a few vowels around and ends up saying the wrong word. It drives me nuts! Especially, when we are in the car and she is talking about the "media"....what she really means is MEDIAN! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...every time I correct her and every time she calls it the media. I'm like, "Ma, the media is the news people, you know CNN, FOX, NBC....NOT THE MIDDLE OF AN INTERSTATE!!!!!" I can not tell you how many different words she does this too, but it's ALOT! And tonight I am offcially freaking out because I am doing it too!!! HOLY MOLY HELP ME!
I guess I am lucky that my ma has so many other wonderful qualities...and I am hoping those rub off on me sooner than later. I have got to nip this "switching words" thing in the butt!!! ASAP! Love ya ma!
p.s. for those of you who are twitter (NOT tweeter) fools like me, follow me here!!

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