WHY do Monday's always get me?

Ok, so I know I haven't really talked about my job much because I try and keep my blog stress-free...but it's time I let it out!!! Today...was "one of those days!"

First, let me start by saying that even though I am about to complain...I have one of the BEST jobs on the planet. I have to remind myself of that on days like today. Especially in an economy where people are getting laid off and losing their jobs by the millions.

I'm a Registered Investment Advisor and I work at a Healthcare Corporation that owns 15 different facilities. I work in Human Resources and I help administer the 401K plan. Basically, I am the Retirement Coordinator for about 3,000 employees. It might sound boring to most of you, especially since I threw in the word "retirement", but to me...it's a lot of fun....usually. (Not so much in a market like this.)

As of November 1st, our Healthcare Company decided to change their 401K provider. What does that mean? That means....MAJOR headache and A LOT of work for me! haha! The best part, they decided to go with a company that is quite familiar in my family....AGE/Wachovia. Side note: My husband worked for A.G.Edwards for 6 years. A.G.Edwards was bought by Wachovia over a year ago, which means AGE and Wachovia are now one company. Well, when that happened J decided it was time to break free and start his own investment company (along with 3 others from the firm). Decemeber 2007 J resigned from AGE/Wachovia. November 2008 I began getting my paycheck from J's previous employer...Wachovia. Even though I work on-site at the Healthcare Corporate office, I technically am employed by the investment advisor (Wachovia) and have an office there. It's a twisted circle huh?

It's not like J left on bad terms. But, in the profession that he is in...once you resign...you become the competitor. Plus, he was loved by many of the people there and I think a lot of them took it personal when he left. It was definitely NOT anything against the people at AGE/Wachovia. He loved everyone there, but he just knew that there were bigger things waiting for him! I am so proud of him for taking the leap of faith and going out on his own. It, by far, has been the BEST decision he has ever made.

But, I'm not gonna lie, it has been the most awkward situation for me to now be working with all of J's ex co-worker's. Slightly odd. So far, everyone has been extremely professional and nice. They have welcomed me with open arms. Plus, like I said, I mostly work with the Healthcare Corporation (which is where my heart is).

The only thing is, Wachovia has all different processes than I am use to. My whole job has changed...from the funds that we offer, to the administrative side, to the people I work with,....and the list goes on. I am just readjusting to the newness and it has me a little stressed out. Did I say little?

This is when I have to remind myself that I am lucky to have a good job, with great pay and benefits, and most importantly, wonderful people to work with. But, darn, it felt good to complain for a second!


Mojito Maven said...

*HUGS* Seriously it is such a small world we all live in. I'm sorry you had a stressful day yesterday!!!! BUT at least it is one day closer to Friday :)

<3 said...

Sorry for yoru stress and it always seems worse this time of year with so many things to do :)
I'm just recently a reader to your blog and spent some time reading past posts---i love it !!!!
Now a daily (frequent reader) :)

AmyThompson said...

you poor thing....let it out!!! It will all work out - at least you do know the people :-) Good luck - it will get better! Change can be hard.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Don't feel bad about complaining on here! We're here to listen :) I bet that is so stressful going from what you are used to to something completely different. You'll get through it though! Good luck and feel free to vent anytime!!

Katy said...

Girl, days like that just really suck. I'm sorry for you, ok. I have to vent often, so don't feel bad about it.
Love ya