The Bachelor's Ex-Wife

If any of you were as curious about Jason Mesnick's ex-wife as me, then you will enjoy this informaiton as much as I did!

Mama Kat just posted on her blog that she did the research....and THIS (to the left) is the infamous ex-wife of The Bachelor, Hilary Monrean! I always wondered who "she" was. It does state that they have split custody of Ty, which was always another question of mine. If you wanted to read more, click here.

Oh...and apparently, Jenna from Team Cogski has just informed me that I have been spelling "feak" wrong. DUH!!!!!!!! I am a nerd. Please excuse my Master's in Business...it is actually FAKE...not feak! GAWD I am dumb! THANK YOU JENNA! And please, ladies (or husband...ahem...I know you read), LET ME KNOW WHEN I CAN'T SPELL!!!


Shorty said...

That's too funny! I thought there was some inside joke for "feak" from a previous post that I was missing. I used to love watching this show, but have kind of fallen away from it in the past year or so. I just get so sick of everyone breaking up after the hype is over. go figure... anyway, I love your posts and that you're keeping me connected to what's going on with the Bachelor!

Jenny said...

All I have to say about this girl...she's an idiot!! I bet now she's wondering what she was thinking!!!

Cogski said...

omg GREAT post i have been wondering what the 1st wife looks like!??!?! thanks for posting. i am DYING over the bachelor but all those girls are soooooo stupid and need a grasp on reality. when he came to the pool, took his shirt off and one of the girls was like "time stood still" really??? get a life! glad i was able to assist with your spelling :-)

AmyT said...

you are just too cute with these posts...love'em - I don't watch but I love your updates!

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