A date with Braden!

Friday night we had a chance to get together with one of my BF's from college Kerri and her husband Graham. Okay, okay...so we shouldn't refer to it as a "date". I can hear Graham (B's daddy).."Date? You mean manly get together." But, what we CAN call it...it 2 cute little boys having a good time!

Our little boys are only 8 weeks apart, so it makes for a fun time when we are together. We actually decided to meet for dinner. Very brave of us with a 17 month old and a 15 month old, huh?! Not to mention the restaurant had an HOUR LONG wait! Yea, try keeping two babies occupied for an hour before even getting sat at a table...very interesting. Suprisingly, with snacks to save the day, the boys did VERY well! I tried to get them to sit still for a picture, but I didn't want to press too hard...they were being good and I wasn't about to ruin it! Here's the best shot I could get.

Braden was so tired he passed out at the table. I wish P would do that! Not my lil man...we got home and he still had a good couple hours in him! Phew! Exhausting!

When we got home P had to explore Miss K's new doggy bed. Since he doesn't have a sister or brother to mimic...I think sometimes he thinks he is a dog.

These pictures were taken around 11:00 PM! He was still going strong!


Sarah said...

That smile!! Good Grief :)So darn cute

Good Gals Inc said...

Sooooo adorable!!! I can't handle it!! I wanted to ask you what type of dog is K?? So cute!

The Parrish Family said...

It's great that you and Kerri still make time to get together. We haven't seen the Young's in a while and Braden is getting so big! I can't believe P can stay up that late. Jack barely lasts until 8. God love you....I don't know how you do it! Very cute pics of P too :)

Abbi said...

how cool is it that you and you b/f have babies the same age! not only is it cool now but when your pregnant! it's always nice to have someone ride on the emotional roller-coaster with ya!......lol!

Finleypotamus said...

Awww what a cutie you have. I can so relate... snacks do save the day though many times.

Mom Wilson said...

WOW those two are going to be so bad together! Braden has gotten so big and of course is a doll also! They will BF's too I hope in the upcoming years! Can't believe they are almost a year in a half already. Where did the time go!