Dating an older woman....

Friday night hubby hosted poker night at our house. What did that mean for me and the P? That meant that we were to find ourselves M.I.A. for a good few hours. Luckily some of the wives decided that if the men were gonna play...so were the women. So a few of us gathered at Lisa's for some lady time.

P was in heaven....he got to hang out with Brooke...who is slightly older, but WAY cute. I am pretty sure he was loving everything about Brooke. He followed her around the house like a puppy. She even taught him to drive....AND she shared her popcorn. I think she was feeling him too! Pretty soon they will be neighbors (Brooke lives in Twin Lakes)....which is cute for now....but may not be so cute when they are 16.

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AmyT said...

awll so cute!!!! I love the pic with them on the 4 wheeler/car TOO cute!!!! ugh they'll be 16 before we know it....YIKES