Dinner dates and jr. high memories

We had dinner at Tom's Place last night with Nina, Kiki, and Frosty!

We had such a great time (as usual) and even busted out some jr. high stories.

Apparently Nin didn't remember that...in 7th grade...I was the youngest hair stylist in Carterville! She had no recollection of her appointment with me, at the age of 13, when I cut 4 inches off her hair in her bedroom while we were babysitting her younger sister! I guess I must have done a good job...because even her ma didn't remember this story.

If anyone needs a trim...let me know...I can hook you up! :)

Thanks for being GREAT dinner dates Nin, Kiks, and Frost!

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AmyT said...

hee hee - you must have really done a great job!!!