Fulfilling my assignment...

I am participating in one of Mama's Losing It's blog assignments. I just recently found her mommy blog and I am already hooked. I thought this assignment seemed like a good chance to see how my hubby really feels about me. :) Or just a chance to be reassured! haha!

I chose #2 which was...ask a loved one to use 6 descriptive words to describe you and report your findings. How well do they know you?

I emailed hubby to start racking his brain about 6 things that describe me. Here was his response:

"Only 6? Do I base this off of the other night or on average? Jj " (ok, I'm fessing up, I was a little mean to him the other night. For no reason. Sometimes woman are entitled to be mean for no reason. It's just what we do. I like to think that "on average" I'm pretty nice.)

"Thoughtful, Caring, HOTT!, Opinionative, Stubborn, Sweet, Determined, Motherly, Organized, Passionate, Stressed, Needy, Loving, HOTT!"

"Feel free to use the ones you want."

Hmmmm...you like how he threw a few negative one's in there, so very discretely. :) Opinionative? Who me? Why, just because I have a comment about everything? Stubborn? Ok, I'll admit to that one. Needy? AHEM...excuse me...GIRLS NEED ATTENTION! I am not alone in this! So I'm needy, I think he should take that as a compliment! And I love how he used HOTT (notice the H O double T) twice! At least he thinks his opinionative, stubborn, needy wife is super HOTT!

Honestly, I didn't know whether I should be happy about what he wrote....or slightly ticked. I guess I can take the bad with the good. But, he is ruining my imaginary world where I am the "perfect housewife". Darn him!


Katy said...

It's pretty sweet girl! I think it's nice that he notices the negative actually and I don't necessarily think some of those are negative....you have a brain and you're smart. He respects you for that, much better than someone that agrees w/ him all of the time and nods your head in submission. That would be way boring and THAT, you are not!
Maybe I need to try the Mama's Losing It assignment and see what Jeffer has to say about moi.

Abbi said...

.....lol!! hott! that is soooo funny, he thought by throughing it in there twice he was getting brownie points!
overall, there prett good!

Shorty said...

I think your Hubby picked great adjectives! I'm on the opinionated side myself, and I take that as a compliment. We can't be expected to just waif along through life and not comment, right??? We've got some seriously valuable thoughts! Might as well share them! : )

It's also wonderful that your Hubby thinks you super attractive. Gotta love that! I like this idea...I may have to borrow it from you!

Suzi said...

Aren't the men in our lives funny? I had to pull teeth to get a response from my husband, yours did very well.

AmyT said...

I love how he put the "not so good words" in between the GOOD ones!!! Over all awesome girl!!!! He's a sweetie