Good Financial Cents...a money blog success story!

A few announcements about the hubby's blog (if I ever said we were competing in the blogosphere...I take it all back...because I have clearly lost):

1. Good Financial Cents is now the featured money blog for TheSouthern.com! (The Southern Illinoisan is the regional newspaper. Their site gets 2 million hits a day!)

2. Hubby did a guest post today on BibleMoneyMatters (a well known money blog). Check it out here. In the near future he will guest post on GetRichSlowly.org. A money blog that has been referenced by the best and was most recently named most inspiring money blog by Money magazine (did I mention Get Rich Slowly has 70,600 subscribers?).

3. He has an E-book that he will be launching in the next several months. It's hush hush for now, but I couldn't help but spill.

4. He was featured on News 3 this morning for an interview about staying on financial track for 2009. You can watch the news broadcast here.

Okay, okay, enough bragging about the hubby. But, I must admit...he is taking this "blog" thing...to a whole new level.


NINA said...

CONGRATS, J!!! You are truly a Rock Star Blogger!

Peter said...

It's nice to know that my site is "a well known money blog"! Jeff is a class act, and deserves all the attention he's getting right now. Congratulations on all of the above Jeff (and proud wife!)and double congrats on the getrichslowly.org guest spot. That should give you a few more subscribers!

Cogski said...

DAMN! i'm IMpressed! that's awesome! and he's def a high class blogger!

The Parrish Family said...

That is awesome! You should be very proud!