I had my husbands full attention...

...until....well until...his second love presented itself on ABC at 8:00 PM....and I know you know what I'm talking about...
Needless to say, I "lost" (no pun intended) my cleaning partner and my so called "cleaning party" was officially over. I did get a good 50 minutes out of him. I guess that will have to do for now, right? It's a good thing we have until Saturday.

I would like to share a story with you about the argument I had with hubby yesterday. It started on Monday when I asked him to change a poopy diaper...he's usual response, "huh, I just changed a poopy one (while he is giving me a smirk)." Which is code for - 'I don't change poopy diapers unless I am forced too' because I can clearly assure you, he DID NOT "just change a poopy one". So, like any mom, I took control and changed the poopy diaper. I wasn't about to wait for him to get around to doing it. P would have had it dried all over his butt by that point.

However, nothing annoys me more than when I have to ASK him to do something. If he notices P has poop...50% of the time he should take the initiative and change it. Why should I have to ask him? And why on earth should I have to listen to him give me some lame (untrue) excuse, like "I just changed a poopy one". COME ON!

I got slightly fired up...and kind of let him have it yesterday (hey, he deserved it). I ended up going to dinner with Nin and when I came home....this is what I found on my pillow from hubby:


1. I will be more helpful and supportive
2. I will feed Parker more and help out
3. I will change more poopy diapers (even the runny ones - eww!)
4. I will never ask where his socks are again
5. I will let you watch The Bachelor in peace and not give you crap about it
6. I will stop grabbing your butt all the time
7. I'm sorry, but number 6 is a total lie. There's no way I can stop grabbing that nice tush of yours.
8. I will try and be a better husband and be more attentive
9. I will love you no matter what (wait, I already do, just wanted to reinforce)

Love you BABA!

Now how can I stay mad at that? But, I'm no sucker...ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS....so I'm expecting to see an improvement this week! Not sure what happened to number 10...he only gave me 9 reasons, but 9 is better than none.

Note to hubby: I don't want to start keeping tally of the # of poopy diapers I change, but if I have to....I will. It could lead to a poopy diaper strike on my end...then your gonna be in big trouble.


Hollie said...

matt and i have 'very intense' conversations about poopy diapers all the time! you are not alone with this issue!!!

AmyT said...

ahhh sweetie...we do or did the same thing over poopy diapers!! It was "I changed the last one" mhmmm what is it about the men - it's not like we like doing it either!!! oh and the note was SO cute, I think I would have melted!! I will let you know how the dvd is - I am SO excited about it...I know the hubs will change his work out times so he can come in and watch hee hee

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I can imagine how many issues we are going to have with poopy diapers! I already here it when I ask hubs to feed our dog!! But what a sweet note! That makes it so much better that he realized he had upset you! What a sweetie :)

Mrs. Ruby said...

First of all...great post!
Also, check out my blog for an award!!! :)