iGoogle translator...

So I log in to my blog today and notice that my google ads are all in SPANISH! I have no idea what they even say (scary).

I text my husband, since he knows more about this google ad thing that I do.

My text says: Seriously...the ads on my blog are in spanish? Wtf?

His response: Hola chica! Una a la mucha hotta! (Hey girl! A lot of hotta!)


Thank goodness for igoogle translator because I really wanted to respond in spanish.

My text back: Usted es un enorme idiota (You are a huge dork)

His repsonse: I lik a to dooa da cha cha

Seriously? I am pretty sure that doesn't fix the fact that my ads are in spanish!!!!


Shorty said...

"....like a little sissy girl." I love that line by Steve Carell in Bruce Almighty!!! (if that's even what you guys were quoting!)

Sorry, but I can't help ya with the espanol...I only speak TexMex which is mainly just descriptive words for food.

Dluna2 said...

That's too funny!
And I like the fact that you are going worldwide now with spanish ads!

Jen said...

I totally pictured Steve Carell saying that line in Bruce Almighty! So funny :-) Wish I could help you sweetie but I don't know anything about google ads and I got a C in Spanish freshman year :-)

AmyT said...

aren't hubby's the bestest every???

NINA said...

I mean I just fell out of my chair laughing (CUOL)!!!!!!!!!! You really know how to Crack Me Up! Gawd I love ya, Chica!

Katy said...

I don't know any Spanich at ALL...well a little bit from Dora I suppose.
That is so funny that he kept coming back with the Spanish text! Funny stuff.

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