It's D O N E!

That's right....Mrs. Clean....is officially on vacation. My mom and I cleaned for 8 straight hours. Eight hours of pure bliss. Ahem...yea right. Eight hours of pure torture. Did I mention I hate cleaning?
I'm not sure if it took us 8 hours because we were just that thorough....or if it was because we had a little helper. Gigi spent 4 of the 8 hours JUST IN THE KITCHEN. Of course, P wanted to scrub the sink a little too. Hey, teach him young. I'm all about it. As soon as he's old enough to understand chores...I'm signing him up.

After his short attention span came to an end and cleaning the kitchen was no longer interesting...he stole the plunger and was using it as a drum stick. How appropriate.
By the end of the day, he had enough. Him and elmo had a date on the couch...belly hanging out and all.

Tomorrow morning P starts his swimming lessons! I can't wait to post about it! I am sure you will all be very thankful that I am done posting about cleaning.

SPRAY TAN: For those of you who asked about the spray tan....YES, I love it! I haven't tanned in a tanning bed in years. I am not about to subject my skin to wrinkles and cancer. Plus, I had a fair share of tanning beds in college! I hate myself for doing it, but that's why I have vowed to never go back. Around here it's between $25 and $35 per session, depending on where you go. You do need to be careful of where you go...I wouldn't recommend doing the spray tan machines. I always go to the place where there is an actual person who sprays you. It turns out much more even, no streaks, and not orange! If your worried about standing there butt naked while someone is about 3 inches from you, spraying you down...don't worry. You don't have to be naked. I usually wear a thong and a strapless bra. Anyway, HIGHLY recommend the spray tan! Just be careful of where you go. And the only downfall, it usually only lasts about 5 to 7 days. I usually only do it for big events (Christmas party's, New Years, Cleaning my house....haha!)


Nicole said...

Good luck with swim lessons tomorrow! I can't believe you cleaned all day today and now somehow have the energy to jump in the pool in the morning with P! Good for you!

AmyT said...

woot woot - glad the cleaning is over!!!! whew I know it was a lot of work - ugh moving/cleaning!!! Thanks for the update on the tanning..I also wanted to know how long it lasted - good to know!!!!!