I've figured out how to get my sexy back...

First off, can I just say you guys are the sweetest people on earth! You all left so many nice comments on my last post. I actually didn't want to post those pics because...well...because I clearly need a boob job. Haha! Hey, Kate Hudson is flat so maybe I should just go with it, right? Ok...that's clearly not a good reason to just go with it. I am thinking the boob job is a better alternative.

Anyway, I use to be a work out buff...6 days a week of lifting and cardio! Seriously, you could probably say that I was slightly obsessed with working out. It was almost a sickness. I even worked out the day I delivered P! Working out defined who I was as a person. Literally.

However, the second my lil guy was born...I suddenly felt differently about getting to the gym every night. I no longer beat myself up about "missing a day". I suddenly wanted to spend my evenings after work with P and NOT with the elliptical! I didn't even feel guilty for it! Not only that, but P is way more entertaining then my ipod!

So now that working out is no longer in my regular schedule...I have lost any muscle tone I had worked so hard to get. All of it...gone! I can't complain because it could be worse...I could have stopped working out and got fat right? But, hubby use to say my butt was "bubble-icious" and now all he can say is..."sweetie, where did your butt go?" That can't be a good thing in a guys world. I really do miss my muscles:(. But, tonight....I have figured out how to get my sexy back. See below:

That's right...the Wii!!!!!!!! I was so against this dang game system until my parents came over tonight and gave it to J for a belated birthday gift. It didn't take me long and my competitive nature started to take over....I wanted to WIN! But so did J!

Tennis was fun...but bowling...uhhhh...I kicked J's a** at the bowling game! I got a 216! I was so in to it that my butt is literally cramping!!! I am already sore. Can you say loser? Is it normal to be sore from Wii...uh...I think not. However, I think this could be my ticket to getting my muscle back. And how can I go wrong...I get to have "family time" while I'm getting my sexy back! I love this game!

J is so discouraged that he lost to me in bowling that he is still practicing! haha!
I can already see what our future Friday and Saturday nights will consist of...M vs J SHOWDOWNS!
*Don't worry, I haven't forgot about my first giveaway that I promised! I will be posting soon!! And, of course, I will do my weekly Bachelor post...which is actually why I gotta go right now...my DVR is calling my name! Thanks again for all the kind words! You guys are the best! When I'm feeling down on myself...I'll know where to come!


Good Gals Inc said...

Wii can be such a great exercise!!! Have you tried Wii Fit?? It's insane how much you can loose if you use it.

AmyT said...

I love the wii!!! it really does give you a work out!! omg the boxing!! I have actually broken a sweat!! We got I think it's party games? It has horse shoes - yard darts...beer pong....darts...it's SO much fun!!!!! If it's been a while since I've played..my arm gets sore!

Shorty said...

We love the Wii at our house, too! What an awesome invention! Not to worry, my dear...you'll get your booty back. Once you get the desire to get back into working out you'll surprise yourself. And working out with the Wii is a great start!

Dawn Pinkston said...

I am laughing as I reading your post...why....because I felt like I was reliving my Sunday night! Billy and I also played the Wii (Tennis and Bowling) and we had a blast! I'm usually not into video games of any kind but I really LOVE the Wii! I'm not so good on the bowling game...I mean...I can hold my own...but Billy beats me everytime! However, he CANNOT beat me in Tennis! :) And yes...I am extremely sore...still!!

Abbi said...

girl.....i need a boob job too! that's on my list! i have a top 5 list of things i want....and it' number 1!!!! you look great! show it off!! well deserved!!!
i want a wii....they look like so much fun!!!