Miss Claire's Debut!

I am happy to announce my very best friend from college Danilo (from Lunastic) and his wife Amy (from Just a few thoughts) welcomed their baby girl, Claire Elza Luna into the world on January 3!8lbs 3oz
20 1/4 long

It seems like we have been waiting to meet her forever! Isn't she precious! Honestly, I'm not gonna lie, when I saw her sweet face I almost (for a split second) thought I may be ready for baby Rose #2. Then Parker threw a lego at me...mind quickly changed! haha! Just kidding.
We can't wait to meet you Miss Claire! P is especially excited!!


Dluna said...

Thanks for the post Mandy!
Claire is doing great. We can't wait have you guys come up to visit. P is going to have to work his "mojo" with Claire, but I think he is a strong candidate for her first boyfriend spot!

Mom Wilson said...

OMG! She is so cute and adoreable! Congrats u guys and I can't wait to meet her too! Best of luck and you're going to luv being parents. There are so many rewards!

Jen said...

She is SO precious! I love them name...it is on my girl list :-) Man...this sort of makes me have baby fever too :-)

austie86 said...

Mandy your blog is so cute! Thanks for sending me the invitation to see it on Facebook. See you at church! p.s. your little "P" is so precious! :)

Mrs. Ruby said...

What a beautiful baby! WOW!

Abbi said...

aw....so cute!
i kinda did the same thing when my brother had there baby, then i came back to reality! kinda like you with the lego, but with a cup!!!