Potty Training 101

As a first time mom, potty training frightens me! Especially because I am dealing with a boy...and yes...boys have penises! I mean...standing up to pee or holding down the pee pee while sitting is not something I am familiar with. Ladies, are you with me?

P's new potty came in the mail yesterday and we are now on the fast track to big boy pants...maybe. From what I learned in my Toilet Training 101 class, there is not a magic age for toddlers to learn to go potty on the big potty, but "most" toddlers are ready to begin the process between 18 and 24 months. So...now that P is officially 18 months and 7 days...we are going for it.

Here are some signs that lead me to believe he may be ready:
  • He seems to know when he is going pee pee or poo pah (as elmo would say). He will hold himself, look at me, and say "uh". I admit, its a little strange that he is grabbing himself...but apparently that's a boy thing.
  • He takes a HUGE interest when mommy or daddy are going potty. He HAS to be in the bathroom with us. He will even try and look in the potty while I'm going! Again, slightly weird and almost creepy....but I guess that's what curious toddlers do.
  • He knows how to wipe! He will take the toilet paper and then act like he is wiping. It's so cute!
  • He LOVES to flush the toilet. Every time mommy says she has to go potty...he is following me...standing by me and waiting for me to give him the sign that he can flush. Then he usually has to flush 3 more times just for fun. And sometimes, he will even wave bye-bye to the pee pee as he is flushing.
  • When I ask him if he has poo pah...he nods...and 9 times out of 10 he does!
So, all of you experienced moms out there...what do you think? You think he is ready?

I did create a little basket of books and toys that I set next to his potty so I can try and hold his interest and get him to sit there longer. Of course, I couldn't resist snapping a shot of him for the first time on his new potty (he'll love me for this in 16 yrs).

Now don't forget, we also have peter potty...the toddler urinal (see left sidebar). I think we will try the sit down potty first and the toddler urinal will be step 2! Wish us luck! Here's where I got P's potty (which so far I love) if you are looking for a potty chair!


Sarah said...

Good luck! :)

AmyT said...

I wish you lots of luck!! My 1st trained about 18 months...my middle and last was mid 2's....they knew - but just had to wait on 'their' time. I was nervous about my son too - he did really well - the only thing I regret teaching him is the "shake" I taught him to wiggle his but instead of 'shaking IT'....he is stuck doing the bootie shake now..and sometimes pee pee gets all over...sigh - it is cute though. Sounds like your little man is ready to me!

Shorty said...

Honestly I can't remember exactly how old my son was when we began potty training... I want to say he was around 2. It sounds to me like P is ready to give it a shot, just don't be too worried if he temporarily loses interest and picks it back up later.

The shake story from Amy T is funny. I guess I was afraid to teach my son how to shake the drips off, too, because I remember showing him how to slap the side of his leg to knock the drips loose. I know that sounds crazy. (Now it makes me picture a bird flapping one wing!) One time a friend of mine was watching my son for me and he had to go pee, she walked past the bathroom and heard this slapping sound and looked in to see what was going on. He was slapping the side of his leg to get the drips off and she was baffled! I had to admit to her this was my doing.

So, go for it...you or Hubby show him the real way to grab the little thing and shake it!

Cogski said...

omg this post is soooo cute!! my mom and i are dying over the pic!? he will for sure have a fit with you in 15yrs that this was posted on the internet :-)))
good luck with the training!

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

haha! so cute! i found your blog through nina's. your boy is PRESH and i love to hear potty-training tales. my hub and i are expecting our first in may and can't wait to experience allll of the many firsts that are to come with our little girl!

Holly said...

I say give it a shot! He is showing signs of being ready/curious. (and yes, the holding himself is a boy thing - it starts WAY too early) But like the above comment - don't get discouraged if he decides he's not ready. I tried to potty train my son for about a week and he wasn't having it, so I quit forcing the issue. 2 weeks later, he trained himself! He'll be ready when he ready :) Good luck!

Preppy 101 said...

If he doesn't do well, don't panic. My son was 2+ when he finally got it. We had spent a fair amount of time on it. My daughter - well, I didn't even start until she was 2+ and she got it in a matter of weeks. Just know that he WILL get it in his own good time :-)

And I know it goes against every parenting book, but I did bribe my son with M&M's. :-) hehe - oh, yes, it worked.

A Balancing Act in Heels said...

I just discovered your blog and I love it. You son is sooo darling!

I potty trained my girls at 18 months. It only took a weekend...because they showed signs of being ready and being curious. You want to do it when they WANT to, or else you'll have a struggle later!

A very clever thing that my mom does at her daycare when she potty trains her little boys is...she leaves a cup of fruit loops on the toilet. :) Here's the trick: You tell em to toss a fruitloop in the toilet and then aim for it! They just love that!

Jessica said...

Let him run around naked (at home, obviously :) ) yes, he will go on the carpet, but he will be able to feel what it feels like to NEED to go. and put a cheerio in the toilet when he stands up to teach him how to aim. Best of luck. Just remember it is totally a battle of wills, he has to want to, if he does it will just click and you will be set! Also don't be jealous of friends with girls the same age as your son, girls train faster...

Linda Easton said...

In the early 1960's, before disposable diapers were available, 95% of all babies in the US were potty trained by 18 months. But since then, potty training is happening later and later. Today the average of of potty training is between 3 or 4 years of age.

It's great to hear from parents like you who recognize your baby's readiness and are training before two.

What the diaper companies don't want you to know is that it is easier to train before 2. This is a time when babies are naturally more cooperative because they like to mimic adults. Once they turn two, their natural development turns toward independence and asserting their own will over yours. By training P. before 2, you are avoiding the battle of wills that so often happens with late potty training.

You can download free motivational printables for P. at www.PottyTrainWithBabySigns.com.

Linda Easton
Baby Signs, Inc.

Abbi said...

omg....how cute is that pic!?
i wish you the best of luck! i'm sure he'll do fine! you'll have to keep us updated and let me know any tricks! I totally dread it with kennedy! maybe it want be to bad! good luck again!