Seeing double?

Probably not...because these two (otherwise known as my Aunt Julie-left and my Ma-right) are fraternal twins, not identical. Although they may not look exactly alike...they act so much alike it's scary! Twins tend to run in my ma's family and typically it's every other generation. What does that mean for me? That means that I have a good chance of having twins. YIKES!

It's kind have been a running joke in the family...who is going to get the twin gene, me or my cousine Tara (Aunt Julie's daughter). Well, I am proud to officially announce...MY COUSIN TARA IS PREGNANT WITH TWINS!!! YAY!! We are so excited for her and Jonathon! And honestly, I'm not gonna lie, I hope this officially gets me out of the possibility of twins! One at a time is plenty for me :). I am not sure this means that I am totally in the clear, but I am hoping it means the chances for me are slimmer. haha! I guess time will tell! CONGRATULATIONS TARA!! I can't wait to meet your little peanuts!

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Mom Wilson said...

Yes, I will admit that I was a bit envious of the twins happening to Tara and not Mandy but we still have that chance! Sooooo exciting and can't wait to see her bundles of joy! Don't worry Mandy, I'll help ya out if you are blessed with two at one time! Don't I now??? Couldn't stand to be that far away from my grandbabies either! I'm keeping my fingers crossed, ha, ha, ha!!!!! Luv ya!