Truth be told....

I'm only 27! OOPS! If you noticed, which you may not have, I updated "my profile" a few weeks ago. In my profile I claim that I am a "28 year old"....BUT I AM SO NOT! I am only 27! How is it that I am trying to make myself older? Hmmmm. Unusual.

Last night hubby says, "why do you say you are 28 on your blog?" When I thought about it...I have no idea! Ok, so I am TURNING 28 in February...but....helllllloooo....it's NOT February yet right? So, for now I should still be enjoying the fact that I am 27!! DUH!!!


Hollie said...

that's hilarious! you better hold on to that 27 for two more months!
sometimes when I'm caught off guard and someone asks me how old I am I have to stop and think and sometimes second guess myself.
so weird.

and my camera is a Nikon D40 SLR. I just got it recently and really like it.

Katy said...

That's funny.
I like your new header/banner at the top of your blog, cute!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

HAHA you look amazing for (almost) being 28 and having lil' P!! I hope I can do that :) My mom, sister and I all have b-days in Feb! I'm a leap year baby:)

AmyT said...

ha ha...it's ok - my sissy had that she was male :-) she didn't realize until I told her...I told her "ummm did you know that you have yourself as male?"

Anonymous said...

That is funny that you say that because I catch myself doing the same thing. I have to think twice when people ask how old I am. Maybe it's because 27 is in the middle of two landmark ages 25 and 30 so it messes with the mind. I don't know, but don't feel bad about it, cuz you're not alone :)
-Gena K.