boo boo update

Here's a little picture update on the burns.

Don't they look painful?


I tried to bandage them, but it wasn't having any part of it. I gave him a little tylenol and burn spray and that seemed to help some.

I thought he was oblivious to the pain yesterday because I kept asking to see his boo boo and he kept pointing to his boobies! OOPS! But, today is a different story. He hurts. Mommy feels bad. :(


Abbi said...

well at least it always looks worse when it's heeling! don't worry he'll be better in know time!
it'a always harder on us than it is them!
thanks for the comment! my mom actually took the pictures! she got a new camera at the end of last year and just takes pictures for the heck of it!

AmyT said...

awll - I think the mommies hurt worst than they do. He'll heal soon, babies heal SO quickly. I sure hope that he feels better!!

Jenny said...

Oh Mandy I feel so bad for P. Just tell him tell him he can come back to And if you want to help me paint my house I will def. help you paint yours!!

Hollie said...

I hope he feels better soon. Burns seem like they take forever to heal for some reason.

Don't worry, it'll be just fine!

Lucky in Love said...

Aww!! I'm so sorry he's hurting. I hope he feels better soon!

That's hilarious about the boobies! :)

SouthernAccent said...

Aw - poor little guy! I thought about him this morning when I pulled out my hair iron and wondered how he was doing. Hope he gets better soon!

Kelley and Rhett said...

poor guy! i hope he starts feeling better soon! I love how he points to his boobies and not boo boo....so cute!

kara battel said...

i have followed your blog for a while- or had it on a feed... but i am an official follower after this post! my son has done this on our GRILL about four times! you would have thought that one of us would have learned by now! no babies on the deck when the grill is on!

anyway- beautiful family and great blog! thanks for all that you write about! and... hope he feels better sooo soon!

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