Does this explain it?

I wish I had better news, but really...the face says enough right?

I'm pretty sure he was thinking, "swimming sucks mom".

Okay okay, so it looks like all he did was hate it, but he actually did better than last time.

He stayed in the water for 30 minutes (instead of 20). Not bad. But, not good being the fact the swim lessons are 50 minutes. He went under TWICE. Not by choice, but hey, it was part of the lesson. When he wasn't whining, he did really good with the kicking on his back.

However, when it was time for all the kids to "jump" (which means jump off the side of the pool to their mommy's).....he made his escape. I set him on the edge of the pool so he could "pretend" to jump to me and the second he got out of the water......he RAN to daddy who was sitting and observing. That was it. The end. OVER. I tried to get him back, but he wasn't having it. So to avoid making a huge scene I let him be done. Afterall, 30 minutes isn't terrible right? I have to admit, even I was kind of getting tired of the pool after 30 minutes.

I am REALLY hoping this swim lesson thing gets easier as the weeks go on. May 2nd, is a long time to have to deal with this.


Abbi said...

aw.....i'm sure it will get better! the face he's making in the picture i do have to say is soooo cute!
maybe next time he'll stay in the whole time!

Good Gals Inc said...

This is so cute!!!!! I hope he keeps up the good work!!!!

Preppy 101 said...

Really 50 minutes is kind of long for a little one his age! But I agree with totally not making him get back in the water after he found refuge with his daddy. I wouldn't force anything.

Lucky in Love said...

Awww! This is the cutest picture ever :) I'm wishing you good luck in your future lessons!

AmyT said...

he is such a cutie!! he'll get braver......my kids are always over-whelmed at first....then they get used to it. I thought they'd love it because they love the bath...but the pool is a tab bit bigger :-) he'll get the hang of it!

A Balancing Act in Heels said...

Aww...his little face just says it all! But, he'll learn to love it!

Katie Lake said...

That's such a cute picture even if he is sad. He'll grow out of it - no worries! I did the same thing actually. Sometimes it gets really overwhelming being with all the other people. I sucked it up during swim lessons but the second it was just me and my dad I jumped in, dove under the water and learned my strokes. My parents were worried though since my brothers both swam competitively.

DylKat said...

Hi! I've "lurked" for a while so I decided to finally say hello:) My daughter is 2 and I still haven't done swim lessons with her yet. She screams everytime water touches her face in the bathtub so I figured maybe I should give it a little more time:)

I have a girlfrind who is starting to potty train her son and I recommended the Peter Potty that you talked about on here to her. I wish they had that when my son was potty training (he just turned 8). I did use the Baby Bjorn potty with him though and LOVED it. I even saved it for my daughter:) It was the third potty I had bought him and what a dream it was. The other potties had removeable "deflectors" and my son just wanted to take it off and as you know with a boy...they need the "deflector".


alisha said...

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