Giveaway has ended and MTV didn't want us!

I am officially ending my giveaway! I was so glad that so many of you commented, became followers, and left comments on hubby's blog. Seriously, you guys are awesome! I am going to try and announce the winner tomorrow, but most likely it will be Friday. I had 93 comments just on my blog, 55 new follower's, and I haven't even counted all the comments on hubby's blog...but point us...that's a lot of people to enter before I actually draw the winner. :) Since I have Friday's off, it will probably be my Friday project. Thank you again to everyone that participated!!! I think I will do giveaway's more often. What do you think? Dumb question right.

Quick funny story for ya....

Yesterday hubby got the following email:

Hi Jeff,

I'm a Producer with MTV's award winning documentary series TRUE LIFE. Would like the opportunity to speak with you regarding a future episode. Please call me at xxx xxx xxxx, I'll be happy to provide more information then. Thanks so much --looking forward to connecting!



He forwarded it to me saying this:

This is a joke, right?

Of course, the first thing I did was look at the email address and sure enough it was @mtvnmix.com. Then I googled her name...and yep...she is a producer for MTV TRUE LIFE.

I immediately was like....UHHHH CALL HER BACK!!!!!! Of course since it was already 5:30 pm NY time I was sure she wouldn't answer and she didn't. So I spent the ENTIRE night wondering what the heck this producer would be calling J for? Were we gonna be the next TRUE LIFE documentary? I mean, what the heck would be interesting about our life other than the fact that my son throws tantrums like a champ and we spend Friday nights playing Wii. That surely wouldn't appeal to teenagers.

It said "regarding a future episode" so I was SURE she totally wanted to do a story on him. Even though that seems very strange that she would just randomly call him up and want to do a story on him....especially since he is 31 and most TRUE LIFE shows feature 20 year olds. Plus, I quit watching MTV about 2 years ago (except the Real World-I still like that one) because I thought I was getting too old. And every TRUE LIFE I have ever seen has been something wacko like "True Life: I'm Too Thin" or "True Life: I'm in a Love Triangle" or "True Life: I'm a College Freshman". Clearly not titles that J would fit the mold for. So, again, I am not real sure why for the last 24 hours I thought J was gonna be the next TRUE LIFE star.

Anyway, I spent the entire night thinking to myself, "if I'm gonna be on MTV I have GOT to get my hair done and I definitely need a spray tan like everyday until they film." I was so excited all morning waiting to find out what she was going to say when she called J back today.....

I finally get a call from J around lunch. I could tell by his voice he wasn't going to make his first national television appearance on MTV anytime soon. He says:

"She doesn't want me. *pause pause pause* She wants to do a show on someone who had a really really good job and then took a big pay cut because of the economy."

UHHHH!!! WTF????

I guess she found J through his blog and contacted him thinking he may know of someone! What?....because he's a financial advisor she thinks he may know of someone How dare her tease us like that!! I was for sure she wanted us! But, then again, I should have known that MTV TRUE LIFE would never want to follow a happily married couple not struggling from the economy downturn that has a cute little boy. Maybe if we were swingers...or perhaps if I had a gay brother...or maybe if I was a stripper....but a happy couple...yea right. That's not enough drama for MTV.

Here's the good news....she is still looking for someone. Like I said her criteria is that they had a good paying job and because the economy sucks right now they have taken a huge pay cut. She wants someone around the age of 28. Anybody know anyone who wants to spill there guts on national television?

And I am still trying to get J to convince her to do "True Life: I'm building a house". I hear that can be pretty dramatic...LOTS of disagreements! I don't think she'll go for it...but we'll see.


Good Gals Inc said...

Oh my gosh!!! What a tease!?!?! I would have thought the same thing, "We're going to be on TV!!!". Sorry about that!!!

Katie Lake said...

No fair! I'm sure you could find something you could convince her on. How about MTV TRUE LIFE : I'm a blogger?!

Jen said...

Okay...you had me SO excited!!! I was thinking "Yes! Now I can brag about my friends being on MTV!" I was also thinking "Mandy is SO going for a spray tan if they get on the show" and then you mentioned that!! We were thinking with the same brain :-)

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I'm cracking up!! You are right. You all are way too normal to be on MTV! You would definitely need some secret addiction...maybe you could tell her you have an addiction to spray tanning! HA

Hollie said...

dang,knowing you were so gonna be busting out a new outfit for everday they were taping! ughhh!

that is kind of cool that they found him through his blog though!

AmyT said...

what a flipping tease!! but still that was freaking awesome that she contacted him!!!!!!!!

Abbi said...

that's awesome! wait a second i missed somewhere that he had a blog! i didn't know that! i don't know where i've been!!
but anyways how cool is that!!!???

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

THAT. IS. HILARIOUS. I would have totally been pumped thinking my hubby was about to be famous :)

Mrs. Ruby said...

I would be so excited too. Although...it's a very good thing that your life is "too happy" to actually be entertaining for MTV. :)