Happy P is back!

This was my lil P man yesterday.

Laying on the floor with CG and Miss K while mommy got ready for work.

A RARE rare rare occasion.

He never sits still, so I instantly knew something was not quite right.

A mommy's instinct is always right....P had the 24 hour flu bug.

Puking.Fever.Not Eating.Lethargic.
He was actually holding the towel up by his face (mommy's orders) in case he had to throw up.

Thankfully, today I have my happy P back! He woke up feeling like a rockstar and so far is playing like a normal 19 month old!
We have a his 18 month wellness check today so we will get to see how much he has grown! Dr. L will also get to see his nasty burn marks and probably wonder if I am the worst mommy on earth. :( Gosh, I am still feeling bad about those darn burns!


Katie Lake said...

Poor thing! I'm so glad he's feeling better! My momma used to tell me that there is nothing worse than seeing your child sick and it would always break her heart when we weren't feeling well.

Lucky in Love said...

I'm so glad he's feeling better. I hope the doctor's visit goes well. He's too cute!

Preppy 101 said...

He is the sweetest little boy!

Jen said...

Poor baby :-( Glad he is feeling better though! Dana, Kevin and Nia all had the flu bug last week and I was scared we were going to get it too. So far so good. I hope it stays away! I hate seeing my peanut sick. P looks so sad in his pic...glad he woke up a happy little guy today. Give him some kisses from Auntie Jen!

Shorty said...

Glad P is feeling better, and don't beat yourself up about the burns. Your a normal mom, not a bad one. And P is a naturally curious little guy.

Wait until P starts playing sports...then you'll really wonder where your head is! I question myself all the time! Baseballs coming at my son, other kids tacking him, the possibilities of head injuries, broken bones... and I signed him up for this stuff??? Geeze!

Katy said...

Oh, yay! Glad to hear he's feeling better. I don't like sick babes.

Lindsey said...

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