swimming, cleaning, and dog sitting...OH MY!

I forgot to post these pictures from the wedding last weekend. I was too busy posting pics of the bride and groom and of P man! Not much going on in the Rose household this weekend.

A friend of mine from work was in a severe car accident on Friday morning with a semi, but is thankfully alive and doing just fine! She is sooo lucky!! I am glad she is ok!

P's second attempt at SWIMMING 101 came this morning. I plan to post on that later. Let's just say....it went better than last time...and I'll leave it at that for now.

We have some people coming to look at our house this afternoon so I have been on yet another cleaning frenzy. Selling a house sucks!

We are babysitting my parent's boxer this weekend so we have a house full! Between P, Klaya, and Holly...there is never a dull moment.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. XOXO


AmyT said...

hee hee busy lady!!! I tried to post a comment on your toddler safety...but it was acting funky..I say whatever keeps them busy/happy go for it!! :-) Your pics look great!!! Good luck with the house!! Oh and P will LOVE having a bouncy house!

Abbi said...

your a very busy mommy! what am i saying mommy's are ALWAYS busy! our job is never done!
great pics!!! your so cute and you have a beautiful family!!!

Jaygnen said...

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